Tim Drake: A Bad Bear Day by Patty

Connor Hawke: Accepting by Kerithwyn

Batman/Nightwing: Accidental Revelations by Charlene Edwards

Nightwing/Oracle: A Christmas Visitor by Firebird

Nightwing: Adoption by Gen X

Flash 2/Green Lantern 2: After Life by Kerithwyn

Jubilee: A Little Warmth by Indiana_J

Nightwing: All Hallow's Eve by Rogue Knight

Batman/Catwoman: Always A Woman To Me by Syl Francis

[X-Movieverse] Cyclops: A Man's Worst Fear by Shade

Batman: Anchor by Tracey Claybon

SC: An Encounter Of The Strange Kind by Firebird

Iceman: An Interview with the Iceman by Lady Kate

Havok: Anticipation by Latex

Young Justice: A Quiet Day by Arlene

Piotr Raspution: Artist by K-Nice

Stryfe/Cable/Cyclops/Phoenix: A Second More by Andrea

TCP: Ash by Nichol

Dawn Embers: A Song Of Mourning by Tapestry

Eithne/Remy: As The Shadows Steal The Light by Akasha

Bat-Clan/Black Canary: A Walk in the Park by Darklady


Beast/Iceman: Babysat by Kerrie Smith

Stryfe/Kitten Saga: Babysitting And Chicken Soup by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Stryfe/Cyclops: Banter And Bondage In The Summers Family by Andrea

Li'l Nightwing/Li'l Batgirl: Bat-Babies by Smitty

Arsenal: Batgrapples... by Reccea

Batman: Batman Forever by Indigo

SC: Beached Spiders by Em-Spider

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: Been Here Forever... by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Beginning's End Trilogy by Akasha

Cable/Aunt May: Belle Of The Ball by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Nightwing: Black Ops by John Westcott

[X-Movieverse] Bobby/Hank: Bobby and the Beast by Shade

Bob: Bob's Lesson by The KareBear

Nightwing/Oracle: Brain Freeze by Smitty

Nightwing/Batman: Branded by Charlene Edwards

[Elseworlds] Batman/Catwoman: Broken Mirror by Syl Francis

Robin/Other Character: Broken Promise by Susie

Robin: Broken Trust by Susie

Starman: Burned by Carmen Williams

Azrael: Burning Over by Blinky the Tree Frog


Robin/Arrowette: Cheek To Cheek by Arlene

Dawn Embers: Circles by Tapestry

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: SC: Closer by Tapestry

Cyclops: Cold by Mickey

Black Canary/Batman: Come On... It'll Be Fun by Smitty


Peggy/Scott/Bobby: Daddy's Little Girl by Andrea

Bat-Clan: Darkness Before Dawn by Rose

Superman: Deepest Secrets by Tracey Claybon

Punisher/Vendetta: Devation From the Chosen Paths... by Vendetta

Daredevil: Devil In The Dark by Ali

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: Dusk Requiem by Tapestry


Dawn Keaton: DoFP: Empty Men by Tapestry

Cannonball/Shadowcat: Eulogy by Denise Keppel


Ember: Fading Embers by Tapestry

Rogue/Havok: Failures by Latex

X-Men/Peggy: Family by Andrea

Nightwing/Robin/Batman: Family Time by Rea

Young Justice: Family Values by DarkRiver

Eithne/Warren: Far From The Wreckage by Akasha

Titans: Feeling Sick by Lucy

Peggy/X-Men: Filling In The Gaps by Andrea and Timesprite

Dawn Embers: First Contact by Tapestry

Arsenal/Nightwing/Lian: First Driving Lesson by Lucy

Xavier: Fluffy by Seraph

Stryfe: Forging A Chaos-Bringer by Andrea

Nightwing/Batman: For The Guy Who Has Everything by Syl Francis

Cyclops/et. al.: For Want Of A Purple Umbrella by Andrea

Superboy: Four Days by JB McDragon

Xavier/Cyclops: Full Disclosure by Andraste


Jason Todd: Ghost by Brooke

Sam Guthrie: Going Ballistic by Twiller

Xavier: Golden Boy by K-Nice

Nightwing/Batman: Good Company by Brooke

Havok/Cannonball: Good Intentions by Cosmic

Nightwing/Arsenal: Gotchoo by SKH


Nightwing/Robin/Batman: Hampster Dance by Rose

Batman/Superman: Happy Birthday by Darklady

Bruce: Healing by Chastity

Dick Grayson: Officer Grayson: Healing Old Wounds by Gina Ivy

Dick Grayson: Officer Grayson: Healing Old Wounds: Part Two by Gina Ivy

Robin: He Knows When You've Been Fighting Crime... by Slipstream

Buffyverse/DCverse: HelLex I by cHarley

Buffyverse/DCverse: HelLex II: Fear of the Fearless by cHarley

Buffyverse/DCverse: HelLex III: Frozen Felicitations by cHarley

Buffyverse/DCverse: HelLex IV: Titanic by cHarley

Buffyverse/DCverse: HelLex V: Hero by cHarley

Buffyverse/DCverse/StarGateverse: HelLex VI: StarBat: SB-1 by cHarley

Martian Manhunter/Oracle: Homecomings by Chicago

Original Character/X-Men: How Long by NyteWolf

Rogue: Hungry by K-Nice


Spectre/Green Lantern: I Can't Leave A Dog Out On A Night Like This by Jesse N. Willey

Robin/Superboy: Identity Crisis by Rea

Arsenal: If I Had A Million Dollars... by Smitty

Arsenal/Nightwing: If You Love Someone by Amy Antonucci

Cable: I Just Called to Say... by Cosmic

Batman/Robin II: I'll Remember You, Robin by Firebird

Domino/Jenskot: Imposition by Persephone

[Elseworlds] Barbara Gordon/JLA: In Brightest Day... by Kerithwyn

DCU: In The Eleventh Year by Jesse N. Willey

X-People: I Propose by Lee Tybird

Dawn Embers: It's Always Darkest by Tapestry


DCU: Jingle Bells by Smitty

Peggy/Alex: Just Another Day At The Zoo by Andrea

Dr. Mid-Nite/Sandy: Just To Be Safe by Smitty


Peggy/Stryfe: Kidnap Me Again Sometime by Andrea

Batman/Hannibal Lecter: Knight's End by Jasen Taylor


Batman/Oracle: Lasting Effects by Carmen Wayne

Robin: Last Leap by Susie

Catwoman: Last Minute Shopping by The Seitz

Batgirl/Lady Shiva: Leaf Fall by Tracey Claybon

Cable/Domino: Life Abides by Alicia McKenzie

Ultimate Spider-Man/Cyclops: Loners by Wyzeguy

Original X-Men: Love Is Just Another 4-Letter Word by Kerrie Smith

BoP/Dr. Mid-Nite/Batman: Love Stinks by Smitty


Nightwing/Oracle/Bob: Meet Bob by The KareBear

Nightwing/Batman: Memory Lane by Lyrade

Superman: Millennium by Wyzeguy

Cable/Stryfe: Minute By Minute by Andrea.

Nightwing: Missing Them by Reccea

Original X-Men: Movies by Reccea

Batgirl/David Cain: My Little Girl by The Seitz

Havok: My Time in Australia, by Alex Summers by Maggie the Cat


Lorna Dane: Night Mares by Nichol

Stryfe/kitten: Night Terrors by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Nightwing/Robin/Oracle: Nightwing & The Karaoke Kid by Rea

Nightwing: Nightwing Woke Up Gay by Kerithwyn

Bob: No More Bob by The KareBear

Iceman/random X-Men: No Need For Iceman by Corina "Mako" Borsuk

Batman: Not Knowing by Reccea


Poison Ivy: Oh Christmas Tree by The Seitz

Psylocke/Archangel: Once In A Lifetime by Philip Hunn

Nightwing/Arsenal/Troia: Over Guinness by Reccea


Superboy: Papercut by JB McDragon

Angel/Gambit: Paying the Price by Akasha

Peggy/Cyclops/X-Men: Pegasus Flight by Andrea

Poison Ivy: Perfect Opportunity by Allaine

Daredevil: Personal Perspectives by The Chosen One

Batman/Nightwing: Present from the Past by Charlene Edwards

Corsair: Priam's Lament by Domenika Marzione

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: SC: Promise by Tapestry

Hawkgirl II: Pythagoras Says by Domenika Marzione



Batman: Rantings Of A Sane Man by Arlene

Superman: Recollection by Mike Smith

Batverse: Regions Of Sorrow by E Kelly

Scott Summers: Remembered by Kylen

Logan: Remembered Nightmares, Forgotten Dreams by Philip Hunn

Havok/Domino: Remnants by Timesprite

Colossus/Wolverine/Shadowcat: Requiem by Philip Hunn

Huntress/Batman: Revelation by Syl Francis

Daredevil: Revelations by Carmen Williams

Robin: Rituals by Theresa

[Elseworlds] Robin, Boy Of Steel by Syl Francis

Robin/Superboy: Robin's Christmas Dilemma by Rea

Robin: Robin's Reward by Dafnap

Oracle/Nightwing: Rose Petals by Rose


Young Justice: Sacrifice by Curly Jo

Captain America: Salute by Wyzeguy

Stryfe/kitten: Same As It Ever Was? by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Black Canary: Same As It Ever Was by Kerithwyn

Peggy/Bobby: Say Goodbye To Porkrinds by Andrea

Alex Summers: Saying Goodbye by Diamonde

Future Wolverine: Scars by Natas

Arsenal/Nightwing/Jesse Quick: Secret by Wolfie

Connor Hawke: Seeking by Kerithwyn

Dick Grayson: Shear Madness by Tammy

Arrowette: Shoot Straight by Reccea

Batman/Catwoman: Silent Knight, Lonely Knight by Syl Francis

Tempest/Oracle: Siren by cHarley

Nightwing/Oracle/Spud: Small Potatoes: Coming Home by Smitty

Bruce/Dinah: Small Potatoes: Objects in the Rearview Mirror are Closer Than They Appear by Smitty

Jack/Twitchy: Somebody Up There Hates Me! by Syl Francis

Bat-Clan/Pegasus: Son, Is That You? by Marcie Gore

[X-Movieverse] X-Men & Students: Stephen King Had It Right by Shade

Ultimate X-Men: Stormy Weather by Mara Greengrass

Nightwing/Batman: Struck by SKH

Robin: Sweet Sixteen by Darklady


Tangled Skein by Akasha

Connor Hawke: Telling by Kerithwyn

Young Justice: Thank God Christmas Comes Only Once A Year by Rea

Peggy/Stryfe: That's What Big Brothers Are For by Andrea

Alex/Bobby: The Art Of Basking Well by Mel

Dawn Embers: The Askani Wars by Tapestry

Arsenal/Lian: The Bestest Birfday Ever by Smitty

Banshee: The Day I Learned To Scream by Red Monster

DCverse: The DC Universe Woke Up Gay by Kerithwyn

Daredevil: The Devil's Night by Scott Summers

Robin/Batman: The Driving Lesson by Rea

Robin: The Easter Disaster by Theresa

Wonder Woman: The Evening After by Tracey Claybon

Movieverse X-Men: The Great Marriage Boondoggle by Mara Greengrass

Jason Todd: The Hacker (Humble Beginnings) by Brooke

Batman: The Hampster Has To Die by The KareBear

Superman/Tenchi: The Inhuman Condition by Mike Smith

Robin/Superman: The Interview by Tammy

Jack/Twitchy: The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr. by Syl Francis

Robin: The Mask Slips by Susie

Havok: The Moments Between by Cosmic

Robin/Superboy: The Next Step by Rea

Nightwing/BoP: The Ol' Switcharoo by Smitty

Peggy/Bobby: The Prank War by Andrea

Batman/Nightwing/Robin: The Problem With Rubber by The KareBear

Roy Harper/Tim Drake: The Reign Of Roy by Tammy

Bat-Clan/Jason Bard: The Sanctity of Snow by Gen X

Eithne/Remy: The Silver Branch Tree by Akasha

Bat-Clan: The Tether by Cyndi Smith

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: The Thickens Plot by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Robin 1: Gotham Tales: The Watcher by C.W. Blaine

Alfred: Thinking by Reccea

Magneto: This is Mutant by C.W. Blaine

Havok/Cannonball: Throw A Stone by Diamonde

Dawn Embers: Ties Never Binding by Tapestry

Peggy/Bobby: Timing Is Everything by Andrea

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: To Name A Nuisance by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Bat-Clan/Superboy: Too Deep To Breathe by Rea

Tim Drake: Tricks And Treats by Robin


Iceman/Multiple-Man: Uncharted Waters by JB McDragon


Jubilee: Violation by Tracy Sue

Havok/Stryfe: Visiting Hours by Cosmic

Oracle: Volkswagens and Porsches by Tracey Claybon


Iceman: Walkin' on Sunshine by Kerrie Smith

Nightwing: WAR! by Smitty

Peggy/X-Men/Stryfe: Wedding Bells (Or Were Those Alarms?) by Andrea

Flash: What Holidays? by Aya

Draco: When I Grow Up by Diamonde

Barbara/Dick: When I Look At You by Andrea

X-Men: When It Was Over by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Superboy/Batgirl: When Kon Met Sandy by Carmen Williams

Erik/Charles: When We Were Kings by Akasha

Jack/Twitchy: Why Me? by Syl Francis

Cecelia Reyes: Winding Sheets by Cherry Ice

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: Wine, Kitten, and... by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Robin: Will The Real Robin Please Stand Up? by Arlene

Green Lantern Corps: With This Ring... by DarkMark




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