My LiveJournal Icons

I can--and will--not give away icons made by other people. You have to get their permission to use the icon you want. The name listed is usually the one you can run a search for on LJ. However, some of the icons I made are avalible. Those would be the Michael Jackson, Kitten and Star Wars icons.

DO NOT POST A REQUEST IN MY LJ! That is not the place for it and will be ignored.(EDIT: those who's names are in all lowercase letters (ex. solemn) and the LJ usernames of the makers and provided they haven't deleted their LJs, you can ask them for permission to use their icons. Those who's names are in capital letters (ex. Tiger Yen), can't be contacted, although they are (presumeably) in LJland somewhere. Incidently, I have already said this--though in less detail--in the paragraph above this one.)

And to those would would prefer to steal instead of asking, go get a life.

And I so need to reorganize things. >_<

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Star Wars

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