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Akasha Ali Alicia McKenzie Ana Lyssie Cotton Andraste
Andrea Carmen Williams Cherry Ice Corina "Mako" Borsuk Cosmic
C.W. Blaine Denise Keppel Diamonde Domenika Marzione Firebird
Indiana_J JB McDragon Kerrie Smith K-Nice Kylen
Lady Kate Latex Lee Tybird Maggie the Cat Mara Greengrass
Mel Mickey Nichol NyteWolf Persephone
Philip Hunn Reccea Red Monster Scott Summers Seraph
Shade Tapestry The Chosen One Timesprite Tracey Sue
Twiller Vendetta Wyzeguy


Eithne Storyline

Tangled Skein

Beginning's End Trilogy

Eithne/Remy: The Silver Branch Tree

Eithne/Remy: As The Shadows Steal The Light

Angel/Gambit: Paying the Price

Eithne/Warren: Far From The Wreckage

Erik/Charles: When We Were Kings


Daredevil: Devil In The Dark

Alicia McKenzie

Cable/Domino: Life Abides

Ana Lyssie Cotton

Cable/Aunt May: Belle Of The Ball

X-Men: When It Was Over

The Kitten Saga

Stryfe/kitten: Night Terrors

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: To Name A Nuisance

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: Been Here Forever...

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: Wine, Kitten, and...

Stryfe/Cable/kitten: The Thickens Plot

Stryfe/kitten: Same As It Ever Was?

Stryfe/Kitten Saga: Babysitting And Chicken Soup


Xavier/Cyclops: Full Disclosure


The Peggy Universe

Peggy/Cyclops/X-Men: Pegasus Flight
Cyclops is captured by the Friends of Humanity and meets a girl who is not what she seems.

Peggy/Alex: Just Another Day At The Zoo
As Peggy settles into her new family, she gets to meet Uncle Alex. The world may never be the same...

X-Men/Peggy: Family
As the X-family prepares for Scott and Jean’s wedding, an uninvited guest makes plans to ruin the occasion for everyone.

Peggy/Stryfe: That's What Big Brothers Are For
Peggy already met Cable, but she forgot she has another brother still to meet...

Peggy/Stryfe: Kidnap Me Again Sometime

Peggy/Bobby: Say Goodbye To Porkrinds
The X-family starts to take an interest in Peggy's love life.

Peggy/Scott/Bobby: Daddy's Little Girl
Sparks fly when Scott discovers Peggy's new love interest.

Peggy/Bobby: The Prank War
Just a bit of light-hearted fun as someone starts a prank war among the X-Men...with the biggest joke of all on Bobby!

Peggy/Bobby: Timing Is Everything
Bobby has something very important to ask Peggy, but life just isn't cooperating!

Peggy/X-Men/Stryfe: Wedding Bells (Or Were Those Alarms?)
Peggy and Bobby finally tie the knot! But can a wedding at the X-Mansion really go off without a hitch?

Peggy/X-Men: Filling In The Gaps
Peggy goes looking into her past, but discovers more than she expected.

Stryfe: Forging A Chaos-Bringer

Cyclops/et. al.: For Want Of A Purple Umbrella
Cyclops tries to drown his sorrows, but finds life can never be that simple.

Stryfe/Cyclops: Banter And Bondage In The Summers Family

Stryfe/Cable/Cyclops/Phoenix: A Second More

Cable/Stryfe: Minute By Minute

Carmen Williams

Daredevil: Revelations

Cherry Ice

Cecelia Reyes: Winding Sheets
A young Cecelia, and the way dreams die.

Corina "Mako" Borsuk

Iceman/random X-Men: No Need For Iceman


Cable: I Just Called to Say...

Havok/Cannonball: Good Intentions

Havok: The Moments Between

Havok/Stryfe: Visiting Hours

C.W. Blaine

Magneto: This is Mutant
Archivist's Note: Warning, there are some rather mature topics in here. Do not, I repeat, do not read this if you are under fifteen or don't want graphic descriptions of what happened during the Holocaust.

Denise Keppel

Cannonball/Shadowcat: Eulogy


Alex Summers: Saying Goodbye
Alex says goodbye to someone very important to him.

Havok/Cannonball: Throw A Stone

Domenika Marzione

Corsair: Priam's Lament


SC: An Encounter Of The Strange Kind
There's a new arrival at the Subreality Cafè.


Jubilee: A Little Warmth

JB McDragon

Iceman/Multiple-Man: Uncharted Waters

Kerrie Smith

Original X-Men: Love is Just Another 4-Letter Word

Iceman: Walkin' on Sunshine
Bobby tries to get a date.

Beast/Iceman: Babysat


Xavier: Golden Boy

Rogue: Hungry

Pyotr Raspution: Artist


Scott Summers: Remembered
Synopsis: X-Men movie verse. Scott still wonders what might have been done differently on 9-11, haunted by the images and his own self doubt.

Lady Kate

Iceman: An Interview with the Iceman
Sillyfic, written on a whim. The title says it all.


Rogue/Havok: Failures
Rogue and Alex spend some time together and talk.

Havok: Anticipation

Lee Tybird

X-People: I Propose

Maggie the Cat

Havok: My Time in Australia, by Alex Summers

Mara Greengrass

Movieverse X-Men: The Great Marriage Boondoggle
Spring fever hits the school and Jean has just the solution.

Ultimate X-Men: Stormy Weather
Stuck inside during a snowstorm, the residents of the X-Mansion talk.


Alex/Bobby: The Art Of Basking Well


Cyclops: Cold
Scott reflects on the time he spent merged with Apocalypse and it's effects on him.


Lorna Dane: Night Mares

TCP: Ash


Original Character/X-Men: How Long


Domino/Jenskot: Imposition

Philip Hunn

Psylocke/Archangel: Once In A Lifetime

Colossus/Wolverine/Shadowcat: Requiem
Following the return to the X-Mansion of Kitty, Kurt and Piotr, Colossus visits the grave of his "little snowflake" Illyana.

Logan: Remembered Nightmares, Forgotten Dreams
A pre-Wolverine Sergeant Jim Logan reaches Auschwitz near the end of WW2.


Original X-Men: Movies
The original X-Men have a... discussion about what movie is the best.

Red Monster

Banshee: The Day I Learned To Scream

Scott Summers

Daredevil: The Devil's Night


Xavier: Fluffy


[X-Movieverse] Cyclops: A Man's Worst Fear
(Silly fic) Scott runs into a problem.

[X-Movieverse] Bobby/Hank: Bobby and the Beast
Well, Hank's hopefully in the next movie and you can't have Hank without Bobby! So, here's my version of their first meeting.

[X-Movieverse] X-Men & Students: Stephen King Had It Right
The X-Men and students watch a movie.


Dawn Arc

Dawn Embers: First Contact
In the first story in the series, Dawn Embers begins discovering her mutant powers after escaping from the sinister plans of Mr. Essex, the headmaster of her private school, and finds temporary refuge at the Massachusetts Academy with Gen X.

Dawn Embers: The Askani Wars
Dawn is dragged into the future by Rachel Summers to help the Askani battle against Apocalypse. Then, her triumph muted by the discovery she has Legacy, Dawn ends up in Limbo while trying to get back to her own time (after encountering her alternate self in the AOA universe, as described in A Song of Morning).

Dawn Embers: It's Always Darkest
Escaping from Limbo, Dawn first goes back to Gen X where they're attacked by Emplate and then to Muir for help with Legacy, where Gen X and Excalibur battle Emplate and D'Spayre.

Dawn Embers: Ties Never Binding
Returning from the dead, Dawn is swept up in the events of Onslaught, where she meets a young clairvoyant named Shrive who asks her help with his friend Karen.

Dawn Embers: Circles
Dawn, Everett, Jono and Angelo get thrown back in time, and meet the New Mutants and their headmaster, Magneto.

Ember: Fading Embers
An alternate Dawn story in which Sinister uses her in his Marauders for some time before she's captured in battle and taken in, somewhat reluctantly, by Gen X.

Dawn Embers: A Song Of Mourning
The story of Dawn in the AOA universe.

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: Dusk Requiem
A stand-alone Dawn and Glenn story, inspired by Lori McDonald's Music in the Key of X series.

Dawn Keaton: DoFP: Empty Men
In an alternate DoFP, Dawn is captured to be turned into a hound like Rachel.

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: SC: Closer
What do fictives do when they're left in Subreality for too long?

Dawn Embers/Glenn Keaton: SC: Promise
Dawn and Glen find it may not be any easier to live happily ever after in Subreality than in their stories.

The Chosen One

Daredevil: Personal Perspectives


Havok/Domino: Remnants

Tracy Sue

Jubilee: Violation
This is a completely serious look into Jubilee's head after recent events in Gen-X.


Sam Guthrie: Going Ballistic


Punisher/Vendetta: Devation From the Chosen Paths...
Vendetta, the she Punisher, and Frank share a moment, most likely the only one that they will ever share.


Captain America: Salute
On the anniversary of September 11th, an Avenger reflects on the tragedy and the nature of patriotism and heroism.

Ultimate Spider-Man/Cyclops: Loners
Spidey encounters Sentinels early in his career, and has unexpected help from the X-men's leader.

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