Page Four

Indigo gets a cookbook so she can gain a cooking skillpoint so she won't set the kitchen area on fire.

Bella Goth, Black Canary, and a random gate-crasher swim in the pool.

Changed the windows, because the old ones were driving me nuts by refusing to "drop" like they were supposed to in the wall cutaway.

Added a staircase to provide 1.) another way to get up and downstairs and 2.) another way to get in and out of the house.

Firebird in a swimsuit.

Indigo paints the Mona Lisa.

Firebird and Black Canary talk about politics.

Crantz preaches to the plant. Only he knows what he's trying to convince the plant of.

Jennilee studies in preparation of her new job in the medical field.

Zanne works on fixing the dishwasher before an already impressive puddle becomes even bigger.

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