Hiya, everyone. This is a new poem that I'd like to post here. It's about the Dick/Babs relationship and is from Babs's point of view. I'd like to thank John W. for beta reading this and giving me much-needed encouragement to post it to the list. I hope you all enjoy it. (^_^)

"When I Look at You"
by Andrea

When I look at you,
I see the little boy giddy with excitement,
Face gleaming,
Hair rumpled,
At the chance to meet Superman.
When I look into your eyes,
I see the kid who bubbled with joy
Eyes laughing,
Just to be alive each day.
When I watch you fly,
I see the child who never grew up
Angelic grace,
Ebullient outlook
Seeing life as the grandest of all adventures.
All these things still live in you,
Echoed as a thunderclap reverberates in the desert
Rebounding from rock-face to rock-face,
Resounding again and again.
That innocent child...
When I look at you,
I see the young man slumped in dejection,
Face crumpled,
Hair limp
At the rejection of your mentor.
When I look into your eyes,
I see the broken lover,
Eyes dull,
To face each day alone.
When I watch you fly,
I see a man hurrying to grow old,
Pushing limits,
Striking hard
Trying to prove how much you've grown.
All these things dwell in you,
Repeated as bubbles in the water,
That, once caused, rise to the surface
To break and cry their plight again.
That stricken man...
Such uncertainty, such confusion
Irrepressible youth wars with jaded experience,
Echoing in your every step.
I see such mosaic-textured depths
When I look at you.

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