Genre: Angst?
Rated: G or PG
Setting: Future Wolverine
Archive: Sure, just drop me a line
Disclaimer: My idea *NYEAH*... oh, wait. It's Marvels character. Does it count when you don't say the name??
Thanks to: Dannell. If not for her, this wouldn't exist.
Authors notes: This was written just right now, thanks to Dannell. :)+)

by Natas

The scars were once
The scars were there
But no more, not the visible ones at least
Battles won
Battles lost
Seeing my fair share
I couldn't win this one
Not this one
It was never my battle though
If it were, it would have been won quickly
My body heals, never pain
But theirs does not
They have to age
I never felt this old
I never ever will
But they all did
Just once
But that quickly left
And so did they
So did their children
and so many more over
I miss them all
They had their scars
They had a many
But they never healed as I did
But this is one that can't
Simpley can't
And I don't want it to
I hope it never will
If it ever did
I would surely have been killed
Not like them
Not so nice
I can't die like that
If I could, I'd have died a million deaths to this date
But I can't
They did
And they left a dead scar in me
It will never heal
I hope it never does


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