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by Reccea

I try not to think about it too often
This life he leads
This life that I should have
Been able to prevent
I try not to think
About the many other people
Now involved
About Dick
And Barbara
And Tim

And Jason
I do think about Jason a lot
About the life he should have had
The life he might have had
If he hadn't been so
I know that he thinks
About Jason more than I do
I think that inevitably
All of his trains of thought
Lead to Jason
The one failure
He can never correct
And I wish
How I wish
That I could have done something
To save him from the pain
That trails him
Too little too late
I could only have saved him
If I had kept his parents alive
I have accepted the fact
That after those cursed shots
Nothing could have
Deterred him
From his chosen life
But I think
I would have liked to know
The Bruce Wayne
That might have been
I'm sure
I would have liked him

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