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Author's Note: This is my first attempt at Arrowette, so bear with me.

Shoot Straight
by Reccea

Shoot straight
Look good
Always have several costumes
Just in case dear
Shorten the skirt
Pose for the cameras
You will be famous
People will fawn over you
If you do exactly as I say
Now Cissie
Suck it in
Smile big
Do it for Mommy
Iím counting on you
Youíre Arrowette
Youíre the bravest
Youíre the prettiest
You will be the best
You will do it all
Stop messing around
We havenít got time to be lazy
You need to promote yourself
Youíre more important
Than those friends of yours.
Be stunning
Win them over
Shoot straight
Look good
Be perfect.

Iím trying Mom.
God Iím trying.

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