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Missing Them
by Reccea

Címon son
You can do it
Just a little higher
Take a deep breath
Now youíre gonna jump to Mom
Sheíll catch you
Donít worry
Sheíll always catch you
Youíve done this before
Just this morning even
The only difference is
That people are watching
Now letís give them a show
Great jump Dick
That was amazing
Now you just go down
And wait for us to finish
Weíll be right down.
I promise

Every night this week
God itís the same old dance
I perform like a pro
Probably one of my best shows ever
I forget that now
How good I was
Itís always over shadowed
Drowned out by the inevitable
The sound of the rope giving way
The terrified screams in the audience
A little boyís voice screaming ďno.Ē
My voice
Itís the same thing
Nearly every night
I wake up
Drenched in sweat
Gasping with the ďnoĒ
Still dying on my lips
Only now Iím alone
Alfredís not waiting with cocoa
To calm me down
And Bruce
Well heís not here
Hasnít been for years now
But every time I wake up
I want him to be here
Saying ďItís okay chumĒ
Or something stupid like that
Something fatherly
Or even just nice
I need to get out
Get some air
Beat up the bad guys
Escape from it for a little while
God I
I miss them
My parents
All three of them.

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