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by Reccea

I think
it's called a
it's a 'bat' something
that's for sure
It shoots out a hook
attached to some rope
and once the hook
sinks into a secure
wall or something
You use it
(you being someone in a
costume of the bat variety)
to fly from
building to building
and I'm sure
it's oh so safe
Dick uses it all the time
and I've never heard of him
having accidents
involving his face and the wall
but I can't remember what it's called
and that's making me even more
about using it as a transportation device
I want a batmobile
or a batcycle
I'll take a batrazorscooter if I have to
Just not a batgrapple thing
that involves no net
Please don't make me
"Are you coming Roy?"
"Sure thing Batman"
That wasn't so bad
I'm not dead
I just think
I think I'm going to
Go throw up now
Thank you.

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