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Summary: The X-Men and students watch a movie.

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Stephen King Had It Right
By Shade

Thursday night was Movie Night. At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (that is to say mutants) it was one of the more favorite evenings. Fortunately, there was a small class of students at the school so choosing a movie was only next-to-impossible instead of just-plain-impossible. Ororo Monroe had come up with an ingenious strategy for avoiding the impossible and even the next-to-impossible. Every Monday she would post a list of movie choices that had been voiced at the end of the previous Movie Night. During the week, the students voted on which movie they wished to see, and on Thursday night the movie with the most votes was the one watched by all.

This Thursday night was different, though. There had been a fix. Bobby Drake and St. John Allerdyce had launched a covert operation aptly dubbed "Operation Switcheroo" (because they had very little imagination). This operation was created by John to see his favorite horror movie on Movie Night. Now normally, Ms. Monroe and the other faculty frowned on such movies. There was rarely much protest because John could never get a consensus to back him. This time, with Bobby's help, he created his own consensus by not only adding the name of his movie, but also adding a considerable amount of votes next to it right before Ms. Monroe took the paper up on Wednesday night.

This was how on Thursday night, Movie Night, the students and faculty ended up watching, "Carrie."

Jean found her boyfriend Scott blushing through the shower scene at the beginning. She tried not to laugh realizing he'd been on one end of that same sort of scene not to long ago. She was cut off from making a snide comment by Ororo's sudden gasp of surprise. There was apparently some nudity on the screen. Several of the boys whooped with excitement while most of the girls groaned.

"What is the rating on this film!?!" Ororo asked.

She was shushed at by the pack of boys moving closer to the front.

"I think we've been hoodwinked," Jean said

"Boys you know that we do not watch anything above PG-13 for group movies."

"But it's already started!"

"We don't have another movie!"

"Please Ms. Monroe!"

The pitiful children whined. Ororo was about to protest when a firm hand came on her shoulder.

"The nudity's over, darlin'. I've seen this one. It's okay, let'em watch it. The rest is just a plain ol' horror film, nuthin' they ain't seen before."

"Horror? I thought it was a coming of age film…." Ororo said quietly still obviously upset.

"It is, and it even has mutant powers!" John cheered. Bobby swatted him because he'd pretty much given them away.

Ororo sighed and sat back to give the movie a chance. If it got anymore raunchy, Logan backing or no, she'd pull the plug. Jean snuggled next to Scott and the rest of the students quieted down.

Movie Nights were notoriously loud. Not only were there outside conversations, but most everyone seemed to enjoy commenting on the film out loud. The students were fairly quiet through this film until the scene where Carrie discovers the name for her newfound powers. Telekinesis.

Kitty turned to look at Jean. "Is that how you found out about your powers, Ms. Grey, from a book?"

"No actually, I had my telepathy first. I didn't use my telekinesis until I was older."

"I hope she fries her evil ol' mom," Jubilee said quietly.

John smiled and replied, "Don't worry Jubes."

"I don't appreciate Mr. King treatin' religious people like psychopaths. My family went ta church all the time and I'm not crazy," Sam Guthrie piped up.

"I think you're crazy and it ain't because you go to church, hayseed."

"Shut up, John! Nobody asked ya!"

"Children!" Ororo warned.

Finally, Carrie went to the prom. The children were all on the edge of their seats. Jean, Scott, and Ororo were too, though they would never admit it. Logan seemed the only one not phased.

The blood, fire, and screams filled the screen. The girls gasped. The boys groaned in sympathy with each hit, but it wasn't over. Carrie went home and confronted her mother. Jubilee cheered the bloody retribution for years of physical and emotional abuse. Jean and Scott exchanged a worried look. The movie ended and the room was silent.

"My word!" Ororo said finally.

All the students turned in unison and looked at Dr. Jean Grey.

"Now ya see why Scott's so whipped," Logan said with a chuckle and left the room quickly.

The End

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