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A Man's Worst Fear
By Shade

Scott Summers walked through the quiet halls of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Most of the students had gone home for spring break, those that either had no home or had no way to get home had been rounded up by Jean and Ororo for a field trip to the mall. That left only a few students that were on reprimand and were not allowed into town and a few stragglers that didn't feel up to shopping. Scott had gratefully offered to stay behind and watch over the remaining students. Spending the afternoon at the mall trying to keep up with a large pack of teenagers wasn't his idea of relaxing.

He'd already looked in on the disciplined students who were in one of the computer labs checking the internet for any new websites about mutancy. It was one of Professor Xavier's favorite punishments. Not only did the kids learn their lesson, but they also kept him appraised of any new developments for or against mutants.

As he walked back to his and Jean's room, he passed by the girls' dormitory wing. Normally, he wouldn't have heard the soft sound, but the mansion was much quieter than usual. When he heard the soft sound again, he recognized it for what it was, a sob. Scott made his way down the corridor stopping ever so often to gauge where the sobs were coming from. Finally, he came to one of the doors where the sound was loudest.

Scott tapped on the door and heard a gasp from the other side. The room was silent like the occupant didn't want anyone to know they were there. It was a tricky situation. Scott couldn't just barge in because it was a girl's room. The person whom was crying obviously wasn't going to answer either. He took a deep breath and picked a course of action.

"Hello? Listen, I'm going to open the door very slowly and come in, okay?"

Warning the girl of his entrance seemed the wisest option. That way they could hopefully avoid any awkward moments of him stepping in on a possibly undressed individual.

Scott, true to his word, stepped in to find one of the younger girls peering out at him from her bedcovers. She was a relatively new girl. He realized that he'd barely spoken two words to her since she had arrived. He wracked his mind for her name. Mary? Maggie? Melanie? Yes, he was fairly sure her name was Melanie.

"Melanie? Honey, what are you doing here? Why didn't you go with Ms. Monroe and the others?"

The young girl looked horrified and ashamed at the same time. After he stood there for a moment he could see that she realized he expected an answer.

"I had a tummy ache. Dr. Grey told me to go lay down."

"Why are you crying? Does it hurt that bad?" Scott asked approaching the bed. He watched Melanie shrink back from him the look of shame still in her eyes.

Her only response was to shake her head. The tears were again welling up in her eyes. Her small body trembled trying to hold back the flood.

"Then please tell me what's wrong."

"I'm dying," she whispered.

"Dying? What do you mean?" Scott was getting worried now. The girl was practically in hysterics. He quickly ran contingency plans over in his mind. It could be appendicitis. If so, he'd have to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

"All the blood…" she managed in between gasping sobs.

"Blood? Where?" he asked. Had she hurt herself? His train of thought quickly switched to first aid techniques.

Her face, all ready colored from crying, turned an even darker shade of red. She shook her head violently.

"Melanie, you have to show me so I can help you."

The crying slowed a bit and slowly Melanie pulled back the covers. Her sheets were slightly stained with blood. Scott's heart leaped. It wasn't a lot of blood, but the wound could still be serious. Then he saw that her petite white shorts were also provocatively stained.

Reality crashed in on Scott like a ton of bricks. Mutancy appeared mostly during puberty. Unfortunately, those weren't the only changes that happened to young adults. The fear in the girl's eyes told him she knew nothing about this. Her mother had obviously never explained that this… was a natural part of growing up.

Scott caught himself before he could curse. Where was Jean or Ororo when he really needed them? He had to calm Melanie down.

"Melanie, it's okay. You're not going to die."

Melanie sniffed, "I'm not?"

"No, honey. This is actually supposed to happen."

"It is?"

"Yes, it just means that you're a woman now. Listen, Jean or Ms. Monroe will be able to explain it to you better. Let's just get you cleaned up, and when they get back I'm sure they'll want to have a long talk with you."

He had Melanie get a fresh pair of underwear and some clean shorts. He led her down to the bathroom and told her to wait inside the door for him. She looked confused but silently agreed. Scott quickly dashed down to his own room and stepped into the private bath. He looked under the sink knowing that Jean kept her… supplies there. He grabbed what he was looking for, avoiding the other ones. The girl hadn't even known about what she was going through, the last thing she needed was to try and understand *those.* Plus, he certainly wasn't going to try and explain… applicators to her.

Blushing, Scott stuffed the box under his shirt and hurried back to the girls' restroom.

"Melanie?" he asked and was rewarded with her small head peeking out of the doorway. "Here you can use one of these with your clean clothes so there won't be anymore accidents."

She looked confused as he handed her the box.

"What am I…"

He cut her off, "You place it on… You use it for… Just look at the picture on the box."

She nodded in response. "Thank you, Mr. Summers."

"You're welcome, Melanie."

He watched the door close and he turned to go back to his room and hide. He made a mental note to have Jean or Ororo start up a Sex Ed class for the girls. Hopefully, they could prevent this sort of thing in the future. Of course, that would mean having a similar class for the boys. Scott shook his head. For some reason he knew who would get nominated for that job. Then again, he still owed Logan for stealing his bike...