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This is also written in my own sorta X-men universe. Itís got the characters I love in it and some of the ones I love to hate. So donít be mad if Iím missing characters, eventually I probably will write in more characters.
*I created this character and based him somewhat off myself.*
*He isn't like conventional mutants.*
*Please, this is my first story so bear with me.*

Special Thanks to ALL the people that helped me with this family and friends you know who you are.
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Part Three
by NyteWolf

"Hey kid! Come over here," he heard the voice of Logan call from across the lawn. NyteWolf looked up and over at him. He was waving a hand for him to come over. NyteWolf sat and stared at him for a second then rose his right hand formed it into a fist and lifted his middle finger. Then he got up and walked away towards the gates of the Institute.

Just then he was knocked to the ground from the side. Tackled by an obviously strong person. Straining under the pressure he taunted the assaulter.

"Youíre making a very BAD move," NyteWolf shouted.

"Think so?" he heard Loganís voice.

Thinking fast he thought of a way out. Quickly he teleported behind the assaulter, and kicked him in the back and onto the ground.

"Yeah, wouldnít you," he said very mad and very cocky.

The assaulter turned over and indeed it was Logan.

"Why are you people bothering me?" NyteWolf questioned furiously. "I just want to be left alone for awhile, and you attack me from behind and expect me to do what you want?"

"No, I'm not trying to bother you kid that was for giving me the finger," Logan said still in shock from the quickness of the counter-attack.

"Yeah, well leave me the HELL ALONE! AND QUIT CALLING ME KID!"

He walked off just then he was knocked to the ground yet again. This time it wasn't on purpose. He quickly teleported again and ready his fist and grabbed at the shirt collar. Then he stopped and realized that it was just a young student that had knocked into him.

"Watch where you're going next time," releasing the shirt collar and letting the student dropped flat on their bottom. He started walking. Then stopped when he heard the reply.

"Whatever. Youíre the clumsy one that knocked into me."

He turned quickly with a ball of fire in his hand.

"If you weren't a stupid young girl I'd throw this at you."

The student was then quiet and obviously frightened. He extinguished his fireball and walked onward to the gates. Then something made him stop. Forced as he was against his will he knew what had him.

He turned around and yelled," LET GO OF ME JEAN GREY!"

Then he fell flat on his bottom. That's the third time I've fallen on my ass today, he thought.

"Very sorry about that Wolf, but I just figured that if you were leaving you'd want your stuff. And that was the best way I could stop you without getting hurt myself."

Then he realized that he didn't have his staff or coat nor did he have his weapons.

"Oh, right. Where are they?"

"They're just inside the entrance; you might want to get to them before the students do."

"Thanks," he replied very kindly.

He started to walk for the door when he passed the kid whom he threatened.

"Hey kid."

"Y... Y... Yeah?" the young girl stammered out.


The girl was taken aback by that then smiled and walked off. He continued for the door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly turned using his arm to twist and lock the other person's arm, and brandished a fireball with his other hand.

"What do YOU want," he asked and held the fireball close to his face.

"Please don't," the young boy got out.

He let go of the boy's arm and put out the fireball. Then glared at him furiously.

"Well, what do you want," he asked hastily.

"You dropped this back there." The boy said brandishing a cross necklace.

NyteWolf snatched the cross away and wrapped it around his wrist and hand. All of a sudden he felt his whole body go limp and fall back as he had another flashback. He was in a church, an old church. He stood in the middle of the aisle, the pews around him empty. Several pews were strewn and thrown around. He started walking down the aisle to the front near the alter. He stopped about twenty feet from the alter and look to the left, then the right. He heard a sound and continued walking to the right. On the other side of a pillar was a woman holding her stomach bleeding, from what looked like a gunshot wound. She looked up and looked terrified. Then he felt his right arm rise up. He had the cross wrapped around it, but that wasn't what the woman was looking at. In his right hand he was holding an M9 Beretta with an extended clip. The gun pointed at the woman and fired. NyteWolf tried to stop it but then he realized he was only remembering; a terrible act as it was he had to watch. All forty-five rounds pumped into the womanís lifeless body. He turned and looked himself in a window. He saw himself with a hooded outfit covering his face he held the gun a few inches from his mouth and blew the smoke away. He jerked awake and was on the ground of the institute front lawn and was surrounded by people. He sat up and was immediately pushed down. He tried again and forced himself up. Everyone was yelling as he tried to run as they pushed against him. Ten people were holding his arms and trying to get him to lie back down. But even they could get him to stay down.

"ROGUE, GET OVER HERE," one voice yelled.

Over their shoulders he could see a girl running up and taking a glove off. She went behind NyteWolf as he felt a warm hand touch his neck. But again he forced his way against the people. She grabbed his neck, then even harder.

"IT'S NOT WORKING," she screamed.

"Move, let me," Logan said as he strained to get a hand free. With his free hand he fisted it and punched NyteWolf right in the face. Phased but not ceasing he still pushed forward. This time he had more people pushing with all their might. Again Logan got his hand free but this time three knives protruded from between his knuckles but before NyteWolf could ready himself he had a fist of knives in his chest. People screamed and several people fell with him.

"LOGAN NO!" yelled Professor Xavier.

But as soon as everyone got off of NyteWolf, he sat up shook his head, looked around, look at Logan.

"Thanks, I needed that," he said.

Then he got up, brushed himself off, and proceeded to the front doors.

"Where are you going?" he heard Professor Xavier ask.

"I'm going to get my things and then I'm leaving."

"But please let us look at your wound."

"What, this wound?" he said as he turned around and tore his shirt showing no marks whatsoever.

Everyone that was watching was shocked and in awe. Finally someone spoke up.

"But I saw it go straight into your chest?"

"Yeah, and? I can heal myself"

"So can I but that's ridiculous how fast you healed, I barely pulled 'em outa your chest before you got up."

"Uh huh, you wanna test my powers further? Didn't think so, now I'll be getting my things and going."

*Please stay here. Where do you plan on going, you haven't eaten in days or had a decent nights sleep in weeks.*

Turning around and looking at Professor Xavier he said, "I haven't had a descent night's sleep since I was sixteen."

*Please stay one night.*

*Why?* he thought back realizing with him he didn't need words.

*Because we can help you*

*With what?*

*Your powers. We can help you get them under control*

He laughed out loud, and then with a more serious face he looked at the Professor. He stretched his arm out to the left and out of thin air appeared his staff.

"I have my powers under control," He said spinning the staff, tapping it twice on the ground and holding the quarter sized weapon in his hand. "But I suppose one night won't hurt, I am rather hungry. What are we havin' for dinner?"

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