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*I created this character and based him somewhat off myself.*
*He isn't like conventional mutants.*
*Please, this is my first story so bear with me.*

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Part Two
by NyteWolf

"Now about your powers... Uh, what is your name," questioned Jean.

"Well I've never had a name, but I've called myself NyteWolf, I've tried to be a "super hero" here for awhile but no one ever seems to need MY help."

"So is that what the NW on your staff means?"

"Well no, Iím not quite sure what the NW on my staff is for, I just used NyteWolf because I thought it sounded neat."

"Very well, Wolf, what are your powers exactly, because our tests show some strange results..."

"Well, I can tell you but you won't believe me."

"Try me."

"I wasn't born a mutant, I was sixteen and while I was walking home, I was jumped by several people and beaten to the verge of death. I passed out and when I woke up I had powers. I had fantastic healing powers; I would cut myself and immediately be healed. My agility, stamina, and strength were increased. I had the strange power to absorb peopleís thoughts, powers, and character traits...Ē

"But you hurt them when you touched them?"

"No? Why would you say that?"

"Oh... No reason. Go on."

"When I touched mutants I absorbed their powers and was able to use them and advance them."

Jean had stopped what she was doing and stared questionably.

"Advance them?" she asked.

"Yes, advance them... I was able to take their power and multiply the strength of it." NyteWolf replied.

"Well, that's understandable there are some pretty strange mutants out there, but what about you not being born a mutant?"

"Mutant powers show at puberty correct? Well, I hit puberty when I was thirteen and never showed any signs... That I can remember, and after all back then we didn't have tests that would show such things so advanced."

"Yes, but back then? What do you mean back then?"

"I mean Iím close to a hundred years old," he replied with a wink.

"But you... You look eighteen."

"Yes, I know. Like I said, I absorb mutant powers. It's just one of the shape shifting powers advanced. In fact I've collected several thousand powers. Most are like others just different magnitudes."

"So youíre saying you could possibly be the most powerful mutant ever?"

"I suppose if you think about it that way."

"So what do you really look like?"

He chuckled.

"I don't even know; it's been such a long time. I don't even know if this is my teenage image or if I stole it from someone."

"I see. What are some of the powers you've collected?"

"Let's see... Shape shifting you know of, a little telekinesis, teleportation, elementals, and speed. Those are the main ones I've collected."

"Let's just hope we never have to fight you," she said with a beautiful smile that warmed his heart.

"Let's hope," he smiled back.

"What the hell is this thing made of?" Logan questioned Professor Xavier.

"It's the same as you Logan, adamantium. But what I don't understand is that it retracts to the size of a quarter."

"What's questionable about that? It's hollow isnít it?"

"Yes, but there is no way that it retracts six an a half feet of metal into an inch, without any form of heat or friction."

"Out of all his belongings not a damn bit of I.D.," the voice of Scott came from across the room, "Look, he's got money and weapons... LOTS of weapons, but no I.D."

"Something doesn't seem right about this kid, he comes to us out of jail being a possible murderer, with loads of weapons, a trench coat, and a physics defying adamantium staff," Logan said.

"He can be trusted; I know he can," Professor Xavier snapped," I wouldn't bring him here if I knew he wasn't to be trusted."

"I know you wouldn't Professor but Loganís got a point, he could be hiding something from us." This time it was Jean she entered the room quietly and had listened to the whole thing. "He's got powers."

"Well. of course he does; he's a mutant isn't he?" Scott questioned.

"Yes, but he has powers, lots of powers. He told me he had close to a thousand powers, one of them being telekinesis."

"I see... I see... Maybe we should keep him away from everyone till we're sure he's to trust," Professor Xavier realizing what danger he could be.

"Telekinesis isn't that powerful and it takes years to train with it," Logan abruptly said looking over the staff.

"Another power he told me of was the power to advance powers, mind control is an advanced form of telepathy, He's had the years too, lots of them. Maybe more than you and the Professor. He said he knows he's been alive for more than a hundred years," Jean explained. "In that time he could have collected every mutant power out there and become the most powerful mutant alive, but..."

"He never used them to do bad," NyteWolf finished, standing in the door way. "Look, I don't mind you talking about me but don't act like I'm some sort of demon or terrorist, I'm just like you guys... I'm stuck with these powers; I have to live with them forever. They burn my bones and flesh constantly. You'll all die and be freed of your one power, while I'm stuck living forever with the pain and burden of thousands of mutants in my head and under my skin."

His words started taking impact among them. As he pressed on his words they realized how much of an asset to them he was. Without the words in their mouths to speak to him they remained silent and stared at him. He continued.

"I don't know what makes you think that I'd do something terrible with my powers. I won't, I can't, I don't allow myself to use my powers in any wrong ways, Furthermore you can't keep me here against my will nor can you restrain me," he ended and teleported out of the room and to outside of the building where he sat on the front steps and held his head in his hands.


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