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This is also written in my own sorta X-men universe. Itís got the characters I love in it and some of the ones I love to hate. So donít be mad if Iím missing characters, eventually I probably will write in more characters.
*I created this character and based him somewhat off myself.*
*He isn't like conventional mutants.*
*Please, this is my first story so bear with me.*

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Part One
by NyteWolf

~How long must I live with the pain~

***Location: Unknown***
***Date: Unknown***

His bones ached as the tried to rest at every stop he took. He tried to keep going but he was inevitably going to collapse from exhaustion. He limped his way down the street, pain shot from all parts of his body as he strained to keep going.

He knew who did it, who caused him to be in this pain. The dirty bastard and his thugs were the reason. Cowardly attacking from behind and left him for dead.

Only a few more steps till he could reach someone that could help him. His vision started to go blurry, wiping his eyes out with his bloody hands he strained to see. And then all went black.

Where am I? Am I am I dreaming? Is someone there? I'm not dead; at least I don't think I am...

***New York Present Day***

"He's coming to," a voice exclaimed.

"Back up. Give him air," another voice came.

"What's going on," he heard himself say.

His vision slowly came back but was blurry he guessed he was in some kind of hospital room. He still couldn't see anyone in the room and started to panic. He went to move his arms and not only did he find they were strapped down but his body burned with an immeasurable and indescribable pain. Yelling and screaming in pain he was pushed back down on his back on the table and restrained. He didn't fight back. He felt a prick at his neck and his body went ice cold, he took it to be a sedative. Calming down he decided to talk again.

"Thank you, what's going on, and where the hell am I?"

"Very welcome, you were in an accident, youíre safe now," a soothing voice came.

"That doesn't answer a lot," he said as he blinked rapidly to clear his eyes, ďcould I maybe get a hand free to rub my eye?"

His restraints were loosened and he wiped both eyes out. Now his eyes were clear and he could see everything. The room he was in was metallic in appearance and it had tables and instruments. He looked around and found three people standing behind the table where he lay.

One a man no less than fifty years old, a woman no more than twenty, and a younger more rough man about the age of thirty-five. All were staring as he looked them over.

"So do you mind telling me what's going on now or do I need to force it out of you," he was feeling impatient and desperately wanted answers.

"No, there's no need for force, Just remain calm and everything will be answered shortly," said the man about fifty.

"Can I at least get some names?"

"I am Professor Xavier."

"I'm Jean Grey."

He waited a minute then asked "And you would be who?" he questioned the other man.

"I would be none of your business," and the man walked out.

"That's Logan for you," Jean finally answered for the absent Logan.

"Nice to uhh... meet you guys, could I please get more answers, like where I am and what happened and why I felt like I was thrown into a volcano?"

"We were hoping you would fill us in," Professor Xavier said.

"What do you mean?"

"You mean to say you don't remember anything, not even your name?"

"I don't have a name; I never have... as for remembering what happened I can't remember anything short of being on this table"

"Are you completely sure of that..."

*...because I can check for myself if I want to.*

Puzzled and taken back by the strange dialogue he asked, "Come again?"

*I said I can read your thoughts and your mind.*

"I thought that's what you said, hold on, wait, you didn't move your lips when you said that."

"Yes, I know because I said it..."

*...in your mind.*

"Oooh you must be telepathic... So youíre a mutant, well all right then I'll just be leaving..."

He strained to get off the table then collapsed and almost fell to the floor when he was caught by someone but he couldn't see who. He sat back straight up on the table and held his head for a minute or two, just trying to get things straight. He felt he was doing all right and that he had things straightened out pretty well... He was in a hospital being taken care of at least one mutant and all he could remember was waking up in pain. Then as he started to try and remember before that his vision went black and visions rushed through his head. Visions of blood, of fighting, but most of all he was in terrible pain again. They stopped and he was still in the hospital but this time he was still sitting up. Now he remembered who he was. He was a rogue of sorts.... He'd been alive since 1900 maybe before... He wasn't very old, rather he didn't look very old he was about fifteen to seventeen years old in image... He had powers, mutant powers. What of his name, his name, how he wanted to remember his name. But the only thing close he could think of were the letters NW engraved on his adamantium staff... His staff, his clothes, his weapons... Where were they.

He looked around.

"Where are my things? What did you do with my things?"

"They're in our possession for the current time being analyzed."

"Analyzed? For what!?"

"Well, it seems you were passed out at the scene of a crime."

"Why aren't I in jail?"

"You were for a short time, but you never said anything. I discovered your presence and got you out. All legal ways that is."

"But aren't I a suspect, why haven't the police come to question me further?"

"I assured them that I would get exactly what happened out of you or a confession."

"But I didn't do anything, I was simply there trying to save her and I was attacked myself."

He strained for a second in thought of what he just said to the Professor Xavier.

"What did I just say? I... I... I remember what happened."

"Go on," Jean said.

"Well, I was tailing a man around who had just pick-pocketed several people in the downtown area, I saw him break into an apartment building and attempt to rob a woman who was still home, I entered to stop him when he pulled out a gun and shot the woman, I struggled briefly with him then was shot myself."

"Good, I knew you'd remember eventually," said Professor Xavier now holding a tape recorder. "I've got this ready for the Police Chief."

"Now about your powers... Uh, what is your name," questioned Jean.

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