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Dedicated to Timey! Happy Birthday, dear. :) *snugs*

I Just Called to Say...
by Cosmic

Pick up, pick up, pick up--

Hey, itís me.

Yes, me, Nathan. And before you say anything--

Iím pretty sure thatís anatomically impossible.


Please donít hang up.

Would it help if I said I was sorry?

Thereís a place for Askani philosophy, but this isnít it. Iím sorry for what I said. Iím sorry for what I did. Iím sorry for generally being a donkey.

Stop giggling. I meant to say jackass. On second thought, donít stop, I like the sound of you laughter.

No, Iím not just trying to suck up to you so youíll forgive me, whereíd you get that idea?

The last time, huh? Well, Iíve grown and matured since then. And gotten a different hair color.

No, Iím not saying the fact my hairís gray is your fault.



Where am I? On a payphone. More specifically? Look out of the window. To the left.

Yes, Iím aware itís pouring. But I love you and I wanted to tell you Iím sorry and it was all my fault and...

Iím not babbling.

Stop laughing at me. I donít look like a drowned rodent. I donít.

You could?

Jamaican blend? Iíll be right there.


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