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Author's Note: This story and its upcoming sequel "As the Shadows Steal the Light:Remy's Reply" are part of an ongoing effort to lay the foundation fro the Eithne storyline; create a history fro these characters. This story takes place at the time of Remy's flight from New Orleans. EIthne and Remy have known each other since childhood. Although Eithne is from Savannah, her adoptive grandparents (Taryn's parents) live in New Orleans; and she often visited. Of course, this takes place in a reality that defies Marvel continuity at ever turn; and loves it.

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*Denotes song lyrics*

The Silver Branch Tree

*I wait in the garden 'neath the Silver Branch Tree Where o where can my true lover be Is he taken by silkies from the Emerald Sea Where o where can my true lover be*

It is almost midnight now, and still you have not come. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised. I should have known better than to trust your word; the word of a thief. How could you do this to me; leave me without saying goodbye? I have been waiting for you for hours now. That doesn't surprise me either. It seems like I have been waiting for you my whole life. At every crossroads and turn in the path; looking over my shoulder to make sure that you followed. True, you were always there. Until tonight.

You broke my heart when you told me that you were to marry Belle; ripped it from my chest. I never told you that; I guess that I thought that you would know. You always seemed to know what was in my heart. Perhaps because it belonged to you; because you stole it from me the moment that we met. I suppose that wasn't enough for you, was it? Now you have to tear at my soul; destroy my faith in you and all that we have shared.

Is this the way it is to be then? Not so much as a whisper or a glance before going? I always knew that you leave me; disappear from my life as silently as you had entered it. I suppose that is what thieves do after all. I knew it the moment that I saw you in the St. Louis Cemetery.

Do you remember that? It was a gray sunless day, threatening rain. Those are always the best days spent in the cemeteries; and St. Louis was always my favorite of all in New Orleans. You had thought that I was lost and afraid; I had thought the same about you. Perhaps, in truth, we both were lost; perhaps we are lost still. St. Louis will not be the same now; will hold no magic and mystery for me. Only memories of you and I; as dead as those who rest there.

*Is he heald by enchantment in a far away dream Bring back, bring back my true love to me The white dove is singing to set my love free As I wait in the garden 'neath the Silver Branch Tree*

Where will you go old friend, what will you do? Will you forget about me in time; forget all that we have shared? Forget that you have been like a brother to me? Forget that you have been so much more? Or have you already forgotten?

For hours I have waited, passing the time by weaving this scarf for you. Not really a scarf, more like a square of silk. A token of my devotion to you; a promise not to forget. I have created it from firelight and shadows. I remember how that always fascinated you, once upon a time. I remember how it used to make your devil eyes dance. Not that it matters now anyway. You are gone; and I will never see you again.

Fine. If that is the way it is to be; then let it be so. I have waited all of my life for you; I will wait no more. As for your token of my love..... I will give it to the night. I don't have the heart to destroy it. God help me; I love you still. The wind is strong tonight. Perhaps it will bring it you; somewhere, someday.

*Maybe tomorrow he will come home to me Over mountain and valley and the wide Emerald Sea And the white dove will sing just as soon as she sees My love in the garden 'neath the Silver Branch Tree*

Goodbye Remy. May your jourmey be a safe one, wherever it may take you...

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