Disclaimer: Remy Lebeau, Belladonna, and all related characters belong to Marvel and are used without permission. The lyrics are from the song "Please Remember Me" by Tim McGraw and are also used without permission. Eithne, her family, and the house in the Garden District belong to me. I am not making any money from this, so it would be a travesty of justice to sue me. :)

Author's Note: This is the sequel to "The Silver Branch Tree: Eithne's Lament". As usual, this takes place in a reality which I created, and which is at the mercy of my whims. This story takes place at the time of Remy's flight from New Orleans; and long before the fateful meeting of Eithne and Warren. I am not real good with accents, so I hpe that I didn't butcher Remy's too badly.

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*Denotes song lyrics*

As the Shadows Steal the Light
by Akasha

It's almost midnight now, an' still you wait. You are waitin' for me; waitin' for me to come an' tell you goodbye. An' I don't have de strength or de courage to do dat. I know I should, I should be ashamed not to. After all we have been through together, all we have meant to each other. But I can't bear to see you cry, chere. Can't bear to see de look in your eyes eyes. Se de pain; knowin' dat I am de cause of it.

*Remember me when you're out walking*

I know dat I broke your heart when I planned on marryin' Belle. But I thought dat you would understand de importance of it. I thought dat you would forgive me, just like you always have. I guess I was right, 'cause dere you stand; just waitin'. It seems like you have been waitin' on me my all of my life. At every fork in de road, dere you were; to lead me down de right path. I don't know if I can find my way without you chere. Don't see dat I got a choice.

*When the snow falls high outside your door*

I know dat you will be alright, be just fine without me messin' around in your life. You were always de strong one; stronger dan me. I always knew dat it would come down to dis; dat I would have to walk away from you. I knew it de first time dat I saw you in de cemetery. Such an odd place for a little girl to be. It bothered me den; it bothers me now. De thought of you wanderin' throug dose places; like some pale phantom.

*Or late at night when you're not sleeping, and moonlight falls across your floor*

What are you makin' chere? I can see your hands movin' in de glow of de moon. Creatin' somethin' from moonbeams and firelight? I always loved to watch you do dat. It was one of de few things dat I ever found magic in. Are you makin' dat for me? Somethin' to remind me of all dat we had; before I went an' threw it all away? If you would just let it go; toss it away. I could wait for it to hit de ground; not have to reveal myself to you. I could have it with me, have a piece of you to hold on to; remind me dat dere will always be on person dat loved me unconditionally. You look so sad chere, standin' dere in de dead of night. An' I know dat I am to blame for dat; I accept dat. An' I know dat I can't change it; not now.

*When I can't hurt you anymore*

Ah, dere it goes; floatin' on de wind. De piece of you, de only thing dat I will ever have now. It's so warm; like it has a life of its own. It smells like gardenia; smells like you. I will keep it with me always; no matter where I go from here. I promise you dat. I wanted to write you a note; let you know dat I kept my word an' came to see you one last time. But I...... I couldn't find de right words. I would have stuck it here; to dis tree we used to climb when we were little. I didn't even have de courage to do dat. Maybe it's better dis way; maybe it will be easier for you to let me go: easier for you to hate me for dis. Goodbye chere; please don't forget me. Hate me if you want; just please remember me.

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