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The Easter Disaster
By Theresa

"HMMMMMMM," was all Tim said snuggling into the covers of his bed. He allowed himself to relax. His body sank into the soft mattress. Within a matter of minutes he was fast asleep, snoring softly. Tim was so deep in sleep that he didn't even notice the person who entered his room. It was Easter break and Tim was making the most of it. He had been helping Batman way into the wee hours of morning knowing no one would care if he slept in. Today would be very different.

Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, nudge, nudge, shake, shake, shake, poke, and poke.

"Tim, wake up, Tim, wake up, wake up, Tim." The voice said.

"G'way!" Tim mumbled rolling over Tim sighed and went back to sleep.

Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, nudge, nudge, shake, shake, shake, poke, and poke.

'Alright this is getting an annoying.' Tim thought, growling he opened his eyes, completely intent upon saying some choice words for whoever woke him up. He rolled over and was staring up into the annoyed face of Bruce.

"It's about time you woke up!" Bruce said brusquely. "Have you completely forgotten about what you said you would do today?"

Looking blankly at Bruce, Tim just said. "Huh?"

"Let me enlighten you. It has to do with a charity and colored eggs."

"Shoot! That's today!" Tim groaned. "I completely forgot!"


Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Tim climbed out of his warm bed, shivering as he stepped on the cold floor. Still half asleep, he stumbled toward his personal bathroom. WHAM! Dazed Tim looked up from his position on the floor at the closed bathroom door.

"Wha? I always leave the door partly open. Why is it closed now?" Tim said out loud. He wasn't really expecting an answer. When Bruce answered, "Alfred just waxed the floor yesterday. He must have closed the door when he left. This proves you didn't brush your teeth last night. Naughty, Naughty." Bruce teased helping Tim off the floor. Bruce added. "Maybe you would like to try that again, but might I suggest you open the door first."

"Funny Bruce, real funny." Tim said, opening the door he proceeded on getting ready for the day.

"I have to wear what?" Tim questioned the young girl in front of him. She was rather cute.

"You have to wear a bunny costume."

"No one mentioned this to me before."

"Oh. It really isn't that bad." She said with a smile, she pulled out the costume. "See."

'Oh no. Not bad at all. If I were a two-year-old I would love it.' Tim thought sarcastically. Instead he just smiled and took the costume, heading towards the bathroom she pointed out. Reminding himself again that this was for charity. He changed into the costume. When Tim was finished he looked at his reflection in the mirror. 'I look really, really, really dumb,' Tim thought gazing at his reflection. The costume was too big on him, making him look really roily polly, the multicolored vest was almost to small and Tim was sure the big red bow tie was at one time a torture tool. The headpiece consisted of a hood type hat that covered his whole head expect his face. They gave him a plastic bunny mask to complete the costume.

Tim opened the bathroom door and peeked out. 'All clear. No tiny tots as far as I can see.' Tim thought. Stepping out he made his way to the back entrance where the same girl greeted him.

Smiling broadly she said. "You look great!"

"Yeah, right. Tell me that with a straight face."

"Sorry, I'm not even going to try something that impossible. But here are the rules. You don't have to hide the eggs, you just carry this basket with you." Handing him a multicolored Easter basket she continued. "The kids are in the play ground around the corner. Just get their attention and hop on to the trail. There is a really big pine tree you can hide behind. The kids will stop to find the eggs. When we call out Mr. Rabbit where are you. Jump out of your hiding spot and continue down the path. There's a corner in the path and to your left is a gate. Go through the gate and follow the tree line, there's another gate there for you to leave through. Hop down the path and when you come to the next corner. There is a side trail you take in order to get in front of the kids. You will exit the trail first. Hop back into the school and make a bee line to the bathroom. Change out of the costume and leave it in the bathroom, we'll pick it up. You're free to go after that. Any questions?"


"Okay! One more thing, have fun." With that she and Tim left the building.

'Here I go' Tim thought. Hopping out from his corner. Tim waved at the kids, and exclaimed."Hey kids! Can't catch me!" Turning around he hopped towards the trail. Hearing a happy roar behind him, Tim thought. 'I better hurry or those kids will tear me apart.' Ducking behind the pre-described tree. Tim listened to the happy shrieks of the children.

"Look! An egg!"

"Over here!"

"There's one, too!"

'Maybe this isn't so bad.' Tim thought. 'The kids sound really happy.'

"Mr. Rabbit. Where are you? Come out Mr. Rabbit."

'There's my cue.' Jumping out from behind the tree Tim called cheerfully. "Here I AM!" Turning he continued hopping down the trail. He came to the turn and ducked through the gate quickly shutting it behind him.


"Oh shit." Tim whispered. Turning around he was greeted by the picture of a snarling pittbull. "Nice doggy. Stay. Stay." Backing slowly away from the dog Tim made his way toward the other gate. It wasn't to be as the dog snapped at him and attacked. Grabbing the dog's front paw Tim hurled the dog away from himself. Not caring if he was too early Tim ran for the other gate. The costume was his down fall. Tim tripped over the enlarged bunny feet and landed sprawled on the ground. Before he could regain his feet the dog leaped on Tim's back snapping at Tim's neck. All Tim could do was cover his neck with his arms and try to stand up. Thankfully the costume was thick, just not thick enough to stop all the teeth. Just as the dog got a firm hold of Tim's arm and Tim was about to cry for help. A harsh voice exclaimed.

"Bad Bruiser. Bad dog. Drop it." The dog let go and someone helped Tim up.

"'orry about that. He us'lly a real sweet h'art." Tim just looked at the grizzled old man in front of him.

"That dog is menace. He should be put down. He just about killed me. Look at what he did to my arm!" Tim exclaimed, holding up his bloody arm. Then Tim looked at his costume. The multicolored vest lay in shreds on the ground. The basket was a mass of broken plastic and the arms of his costume were torn up the front. To top it all off Tim was getting blood on the pure white fake fur. "Shit." In the background the old man was apologizing, and begging for his dog's life. Tim was going to say more when he heard his cue.

"Mr. Rabbit. Where are you? Come out and play!"

"We'll finish this conversation later." Tim said to the old man before racing to his gate. Opening it he hopped down the path calling over his shoulder. "This way. I'm this way."Tim angled his body so the kids couldn't see the blood staining the front of his costume. Turning the corner, he hopped into the side trail. Stopping for a moment to inspect his wounds. Tim's left arm was bleeding profusely and would need stitches. Looking at his costume Tim realized he would have to buy them a new one. This one was ruined; not even Alfred could fix it. Walking down the trail he came to the other end. Waiting he heard his cue. Hopping on to the main trail he continued down the path calling out mock challenges as he went. Seeing the end of the trail in front of him, Tim hopped faster. Someone was at the end, thinking it was another volunteer Tim hurried forward. Tim stopped abruptly when he realized it wasn't a volunteer. Volunteers usually didn't carry handguns. 'This can't be happening. I have to be dreaming there is no way this can be happening. This is way too unlikely.' Tim thought. The gun toting manic looked up at Tim.

"Mr. Rabbit why couldn't you ever come to my house on Easter. I didn't want much, really. Just a chocolate egg or two. Why didn't you COME!" The manic screamed. Opening fire on Tim. "WHY DIDN'T YOU COME!"

'Great! Just great! I get the psycho who has a problem with the Easter rabbit and of course I just happen to be dressed as one.' Tim thought while rolling and tumbling. The costume was getting in the way and slowing Tim down. 'I have to finish this before the kids are hurt.' When the gun ran out of bullets Tim made his move. Leaping into the air, Tim kicked the guy in the head. Pinning the manic beneath him Tim just hoped the police would hurry."

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Tim exclaimed. "I hate getting stitches. I still can't believe my day Alfred. How unlucky can someone get? I was bit by a dog, which thankfully will be put down. I was shot at because I was dressed like a rabbit. The guy by the way is now safely in Arkham and being treated as we speak. I just can't believe I'm awake, I feel like I'm still dreaming."

"Well, young sir. The stitches are in and no scaring should occur. As for being awake you must certainly are. It was a very unlucky day you had but it could have been worse."

"I guess. I think I should never have gotten out of bed." Tim mumbled. As Dick came in waving a paper. "Hey, Tim! You're going to be in the paper. Clark sent one to us early to see what you thought." Dick tossed Tim the paper.

In bold print across the front of the page was 'Easter Bunny Taking A KICK Out Of Crime.' Underneath was a picture of a bunny kicking a gunman while children cheered in the background. The article that followed outlined the attack and how Tim Drake had stopped the attack. It also said that Tim had given a whole new meaning to the word MR. Easter Rabbit.

"It just got worse. If anyone I know sees this paper, I will never hear the end of it. I will forever be teased about this. Great. This day has had to be the worst day of my life. If you will excuse me, I think I will go hide in my room permanently." Scowling he stalked out of the batcave.

Staring up at his ceiling in his bedroom. Tim recalled his day. 'Let's see. I walked into a door. A dog bit me. I was shot at and I will be forever teased about dressing like a bunny for charity. Did ANYTHING good come from this day." Rolling over Tim thought a moment. Soon a smile crossed his face. 'Well, I made a lot of children happy and re-installed the belief of the Easter Bunny in today's youth. Because I was attacked by Bruiser I got a mean dog put down before he could kill anyone. I also saved a lot of children who could have been killed by the maniac's bullets. So really anyone who reads the paper should think I did something heroic and might forget about the bunny suit.' Tim was awoken from his reverie by a scratching sound by his window. Tim went to investigate and found a chocolate bunny and a note: Happy Easter Timothy. Tim smiled and looked around for Bruce or Dick so failed to notice the white bunny carrying a basket disappear into the trees.

The End

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