Rating: PG--Death
Author's Notes: It's with great regret that I must write this fic... But the time has come...

No More Bob
by The Karebear

Barbara Gordan was frantic as she shakingly dialed a familiar number on the telephone. She tapped her foot slightly as the other end rang twice before finally being picked up.

"Hello, Wayne Manor," came Alfred's prim voice.

Barbara tried her best to hold back the tears, but they came anyway, "Alfred, I have to speak to Dick right now!" She paused to wipe away a few of her tears. "It's of utmost importance."

Alfred's voice came back slightly concerned, "May I ask what it's refering to?"

"No, I'm only going to be able to get this out once, so please, just go get him?" Babs voice was quivering by this time.

The phone was placed to the side as Alfred hurried down to the Bat Cave.

"Master Dick, Ms. Barbara has requested your presence on the phone, I'm afraid she sounds quite distraught."

Dick looked up from the immense Bat Computer along with Bruce. Both showed concern on their faces. A button was quickly hit on the console and instantly a sobbing sound could be heard over the speakers.

"Babs, what's wrong?"

The sobbing sound was choked off with some effort it sounded like and finally Bab's voice emerged. "Oh, Dick... It's Bob... I'm afraid he's been..." The sentance was aborted as she burst into sobs again.

Dick's eyes went wide and his mouth downturned. If he had been looking at Bruce he would have seen his his eyes go wide, but his mouth turn upward instead. Something had happened to Bob?

"I'm on my way Babs... Just hold on..." Dick cut the connection and ran for the 'Wing Cycle with Batman on his heels. Bruce couldn't resist seeing the little rodent on his last legs... Especially after that incident last week where he had been drugged and flown to the desert where he /willingly/ let Bob near his car.

A short drive later...

Dick burst into Barbara's apartment with Bruce on his heels, they were both still in costumes and had gotten some rather odd looks as they made their way up the stairs to the top of the Clock Tower.

"Babs, where are you? What's happened to Bob..."

Babs looked up at Dick with teary eyes as she pointed to Bob's cage. "He... He..." She couldn't continue, she was so choked up...

Dick walked up to Bob's cage with some trepidation and looked inside. Bob was sitting on his wheel, bright eyes staring at Dick. In front of the wheel was a small sign. "April Fool's."

He gaped slightly and stared back at Babs with a slightly perturbed look on his face. "Babs, it's September 24th."

Her tears had turned into laughter. "I know... I had to get a head start on the two of you this year."

Dick continued to look perturbed... Why would this affect Bruce as well? A glance at his mentor's crestfallen face told him all he needed to know.

Author's End Notes: Sorry, I had to. :P I just got the idea this morning, thus the shortness... Now I'm going to run very far away from the group of you so I don't get pelted with any vegetables. :P

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