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By: Susie

The long ride to the Harbor was a blur for Tim. The next thing he clearly remembered was finding himself standing next to the Young Justice conference table. Suddenly, he felt his knees grow weak as they had in his room and he fell into the chair he always occupied. With a define 'thump', Tim Drake's head fell against the table and he closed his eyes trying to calm his body and collect his thoughts.

He knew he had a list of things to do. He had to tell Batman what had happened. He also wanted to talk to Nightwing because his older 'brother' might be able to help him out some, and if not, he at least would help him deal with Batman. The young boy thought telling Oracle would be a good idea just so she was privy, he also knew she'd find out anyway and thought she might offer sympathy.

Figuring delaying only made things worse, the young teen headed over to the secure YJ communicator and began his debate over who to call first.

Bruce, he knew, would be the worst, Dick might be good for a laugh or at least he could help lighten the situation some, but Tim knew the best one to call right now would be Babs. So, he sent in the transmission and waited till he saw the Oracle icon pop on screen.

"Oracle here."

Tim took a deep breath. "Hi, it's Robin."

Instantly, the icon and mechanical voice were gone and the lovely red-haired beauty filled the monitor. She smiled on the Boy Wonder, but that quickly faded when she noticed the lack of mask. Although she had known for a long time now that he was Timothy Drake, he always kept up the little game and been secretive about his real identity. To see him without his mask signaled to Barbara that something was wrong.

"What's the matter?"

He took a deep breath and decided it was best just to say it. "My dad knows."

The young woman stared at the younger boy before her, quickly trying to figure out what he meant. Then she understood. "Oh." Was the first thing she said. "Does Batman know?" Was the second.

Tim negatively shook his head. "I called you first."

Barbara instantly felt pity for Tim, but didn't know what she could say to help him. 'Everything will be okay', didn't seem like the best statement. Besides, she knew Bruce as well as anyone and knew he would not be pleased. He would give Tim the 'cool' anger, which was worse than yelling. His disappointment would also be obvious and no one in the Batfamily wanted to disappoint The Boss.

"I have to go call him now." Barbara nodded in silent agreement. "Um, maybe I'll talk with you later if I'm still breathing." He gave her a small grin.

"Good luck."

Tim took a deep breath and nodded. "Oh, and Barbara." He now flashed her a larger smile. "It's Timothy Drake."

Babs was about to say that she already knew, but wanted the teen to think he had bested her. She smiled back at him. "Thank you for letting me know, Tim."

With that, she severed her connection and the young boy did the same. Taking a few deep breaths he dialed up the Batcomputer knowing if Bruce wasn't there, he would still get the call. A few seconds later, the Dark Knight's voice, but no picture, echoed throughout the YJHQ. Tim winced at his voice suddenly finding himself unable to speak.

"Robin, why did you contact me?"

Taking even more deep breaths, the young crime fighter did the exact same thing he did with Barbara. "My dad knows."

A very long moment of complete silence filled the HQ and Tim felt the sudden urge to run very, VERY, far away. Just as he thought of speaking again, Bruce's voice, this time deeper with both controlled anger and disappointment, came to life.


If he thought contacting Batman was hard, letting him know that his dad found out because of his stupidity was a hundred times worse. Still, he filled in his mentor with the events that took place just hours before. He knew his voice had to sound like a little five year old waiting to receive a scolding, and, in reality, that's what he felt like. Once done, he waited for Bruce to say something.

"Does he know about us?"

This time he answered without hesitation. "No."

"Make sure he doesn't find out then." Bruce took a deep breath that Tim could scarcely make out. "I'll talk to you about this later. Batman out."

'Later', in Batman terms, meant he needed time to sort out his frustrations before he came up with a workout that would practically kill you. Tim felt his stomach drop to his knees-if his father didn't kill him, Bruce sure would. The thing that was worse then the impending workouts he would face, was the disappointment he heard in Bruce's voice. Although to anyone else, his mentor would have sounded as he always did, to Tim he could distantly make out the slightly downcast tone one got when they were let down.

He knew that Bruce felt Tim had let him down, and the young teen didn't feel he could argue with that because he had let Batman down. With the Robin mask came responsibility, and Tim had failed in that responsibility.

He wondered how long it would take him to rebuild Bruce's trust-if he ever did.

The young fighter was just about to claim his seat again when the communicator started beeping. He turned off the two-way monitor so no one could see him without his mask, though that meant he could see no one, too. Taking a second to get himself into 'Robin' mode, he answered the call.

"Robin here."

"What, in the name of all that is holy, were you thinking?"

The teen recognized the voice and switched the screen back on. Standing in front of him, hands on hip, face in scowl that Batman would envy, and his foot tapping impatiently was Dick in his Nightwing costume.

"Well," he prompted.

Tim had thought Dick would be somewhat understanding, but judging the man right now, he didn't seem to be in a sympathetic mood.

"Well, I was thinking wouldn't it be fun if I could blow the secret I've risked my life protecting so that my dad would find out who I am, probably disown me, and then I could tell Bruce so he could kill me." Tim crossed his arms over his chest and took on the near identical stance of Nightwing.

The two vigilantes faced off for a silent minute neither moving or saying anything. Finally, the younger of the two sighed and dropped his arms and bent his head down.

"I never meant for any of this to happen-it just did. I did something really stupid that I have been trained not to do my whole career. I never meant to endanger your secrets or blow my cover." Dick felt his anger falter as he listened to and watched Tim in front of him. "I'm a complete idiot for being so dense and," the young boy looked up, "I'm so sorry."

Suddenly, the dam broke.

Tears filled Tim's eyes as he looked on at the person he considered a big brother. He never meant to ruin things-he never meant to be so foolish.

He never meant for any of this to happen.

His eyes glistened with tears, but he refused to let them fall in front of Nightwing. "I am so sorry." He quickly cut the connection without so much of a good-bye-embarrassed to be so emotional in front of Dick. Once the screen went blank, Tim's knees gave out for the third time, only now he didn't have anything to fall into, and instead, sank to the ground. Bringing his hands to his face, the young teen sobbed into his hands.

Everything had gone wrong.

Wondergirl didn't know why Superboy had wanted to have a small get-together at the YJHQ, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to come. The second he had called her, she told her mother they were having a meeting and literally flew out her door. Now, she was waiting just before the entrance for Superboy and whomever else was coming. She had started to pace when a blur stirred up leaves surrounding her. She felt the wind stop and found herself looking into the tasseled hair of one speedster. She opened her mouth to greet him, when she heard the moaning.

Looking into Impulse's arms, she saw one very green looking ex-Arrowette. Cassie smiled at her friend. "Hey, how was the trip?"

Her answer came in the form of another moan.

Bart quickly set Cissie on the ground and even quicker changed out of the bright Impulse outfit into a less obvious one. He faced the two girls with a goofy grin on his face.

"So, when's the party?"

Cassie opened her mouth to reply when a shadow fell over her. "The party," Superboy landed at their feet, "is right now!" He smiled at Wondergirl. "I figured we deserve a day off, and where better to spend it then at our own private abode." No one decided to mention to SB that they hadn't been working at all in the last week or so.

Cissie finally had regained her color and calmed her stomach enough to speak. "Where's Secret and Robin?"

Eyes moved between the team and finally settled on Kon. "Secret's off with Reddy, she said she might be by later." The Kid began to move in the direction of the Cave.

"And Robin?" Cassie questioned.

"Well, he... um... I couldn't reach him." Suddenly, SB found his path blocked by the figure of Wondergirl.

"Couldn't reach him or didn't try?"

Superboy instantly looked a bit uncomfortable and mumbled into his gloved hand. "Ididnttrytoreachhim."

"What was that?"

"I said, I didn't try to reach him."

Cassie let off a noise between a sigh and a scoff. "Why did you do that? He's one of us. Don't you think he'll be hurt when he find out."

Kon released a cunning smile. "IF he finds out you mean. Come on, it's not like he would expect us to know where to find him anyway." He looked over the group. "Come on let's have some fun!"

When no one moved, SB dropped his arms dramatically. "Fine, fine! How about if I call him when we get inside?"

Impulse, in a swirl of wind, came back holding a monstrous amount of party decorations and chips with soda. "So, when do we party?"

Cissie smiled at the Speedster and ruffled his hair. "We have to get inside first." Instantly, the young girl regretted her words as she found herself picked up and inside the Cave.

Seconds later, after Cissie had found her stomach again, Kon and Cassie meet them inside.

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