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By: Susie

Jack Drake had been mad in his life-that much was a given. He had gotten angry at employees, at his first wife, his new wife, and his son. As a matter of fact, he's son had given him a lot of trouble in the past and he had gotten VERY mad at the boy. The anger he felt then was nothing compared to how he felt now.

He was beyond mad-he was furious. Never, in all his life, had Jack ever felt so betrayed, so enraged, and so hurt. Timothy had been lying to him for Heaven knew how long-lying to sneak out, lying to sneak in, lying to run away, and lying to risk his life. Lying directly to his father's face so he could go gallivanting across the rooftops, not caring for one moment what Jack would feel if he found out his son had been killed.

Storming down the stairs, Jack didn't see Dana until he literally ran into her.

"Dear?" His wife looked at him with concern shinning in her eyes. She knew that Tim and Jack had differences, and sometimes, those would cause quite a fight between the two of them. Since she came to live with them (and even a bit before), she always tried to cool down one or both of them. She understood the boys often would say or do things in the heat of battle they would regret later. However, as she looked into her husband's eyes, she couldn't help but fear that the damage may have already been done.

"What happened, Jack?"

He knew whenever Dana got serious; he would have to get truthful. "It's Tim, he... he..." Jack stopped his stuttering and ran a hand over his face. ~Hell, I can't even say it!~ Taking a deep breath, he tried again.

"Timothy... he... every night he goes..."

Dana cupped her hands gently on Jack's cheeks and looked him directly in the eyes. "Just say it."

"Timothy is Robin."

Confusion crossed his wife's features and Jack could see her trying to make sense of what he had just said. Her hands fell from his face as her eyes widened. "Robin?"

The question was barely whispered, but he had heard it and mutely nodded his head.

"Oh, my!" The statement ran off into nothingness, and Jack noticed Dana begin to wobble on her feet. He slowly led the both of them into the living room and took a seat on the couch. For long moments, neither spoke, but rather held each other's hands. Dana slowly faced Jack again.

"For how long?"

A head shaking was her answer.

Silence fell again into the room.

Unbeknownst to either parent, just in the shadows outside the room, Timothy Drake stood silently listening with his heart beating wildly in his chest. He needed to know what his father and Dana would say without them knowing. He stood still, Batman training in full mode, and listened.

"What are we going to do?"

Jack sighed deeply. "I don't know. This is something I never thought would happen. What am I supposed to do?"

Dana didn't answer.

Tim's father stood and began to pace in front of his wife. "I never thought that Timothy would do something like this. I always assumed he sneaked out of his room to be with friends, you know, teenage stuff. All those times he left home, I truly believed what he told me. I thought... I just thought he was smart enough not to do something like this."

That remark made Tim wince in the shadows.

"Dana, I don't know what to do with him. I trusted him, I thought we were getting along so much better, we were like father and son again. And now... now... I'm faced with this. I don't even recognize him. I don't know what happened to the Timothy I use to know. The one that shared everything with me, the one that wanted to please his mother and I so much.

"I noticed he was moving away from me, I really did." Jack rubbed a hand over his face. "I just never imagined this was why. I didn't even think Robin was a real person and now I find out he is real and it's my son! God, Dana, what did I do to deserve this? How can I call him my son?"

And that question made Tim's heart break. He never thought, in all his wildest nightmares, that him being Robin would bring his father disrespect. He knew that if the time came and his dad found out, he would be angry, hurt, disappointed maybe, but ashamed? Throughout his entire career as Robin, Tim never thought of the job as something to be ashamed of. He was proud to do what he did and had hoped that his dad could maybe share that outlook.

Obviously, he had been wrong.

He turned his attention back to the conversation just inside of where he was standing.

"I can't even look him in the eyes anymore. He's not my son, Dana, I can tell you that." His father pointed absently up towards the stairs. "That person up there is not the one I raised and I never want to see him again if I can help it. He is a complete stranger to me."

Jack sat back to the couch and Dana, though horrified to hear what he husband had said about his son, knew the time to correct him was not now. Later, she would set him straight, but right now he needed to cool down and collect his thoughts.

Moving as a shadow, the teenager made his way back up to his room. He needed to get away-NOW. Already, tears begun to fall and he could feel sobs rising in his throat. Taking the steps three at a time, he threw open his bedroom down and, with movements acquired from hours upon hours of practice, he maneuvered out of his window to the ground. Once his feet hit-he ran.

He found his car, the Red Bird, where he knew it would be whenever he was away from school. Without a second thought, he jumped in and headed in the direction of the only place he felt he could be alone right now.

Happy Harbor.

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