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By: Susie


Although Robin heard the warning his body didn't react in time and a large pie smacked the Boy Wonder in the face. For a long moment the young man stood with the pie tin still covering eyes. Then with slow movements he removed said tin from said spot and said wiped pie out of said eyes. A soft chuckle made Tim turn around.

He looked at Nightwing attempting to hide his laughter. Finally, the slightly older man gave up and let lose a loud series of laughs. "You should see your face," he commented between gasps.

The Boy Wonder, on the other hand, lacked to see the humor in his current situation and, instead, stood with a frown (and pie) on his face. "I. Hate. You." Was all he said before turning around.

Dick caught his breath and moved next to the younger boy. "Oh, come on, bro. IT'S funny! Robin, the Boy Dessert! You've got to love it."

The younger man shook his head and turned back towards the enemy. The Pie-Man, a.k.a. Russell Marks, a stressed and semi-insane businessman who worked for The Gotham Pie Company, was busy reloading his rudimentary slingshot. He had created a large device used to hurl pies at unsuspecting victims, a.k.a. The Boy Wonder, and was busy trying to reek havoc in Gotham. All he succeeded in, though, was getting strange stares from both vigilantes and people on the street. He failed to remember that this was a city that faced a psychopathic clown, a killer croc, and a man doped up on venom.

A man with pies did little to scare them.

Because of his lack of fear and respect from people, Russell decided to let lose a flurry of pies. Somehow, Tim figured by the act of a supernatural power, the only people to be hit were Bullock and himself. Needless to say, Nightwing was enjoying himself immensely.

The younger man grabbed a bat-a-rang and threw it at The Pie Man. His aim was true and the man dropped his slingshot due to the hit on his hand. Of course, not before another pie was thrown into the air, aimed directly at Robin. The Boy Wonder saw the pie and rolled out of its course right as it landed on the ground where he had been. He gave a small smile as turned back to Russell.

The Pie Man had since recovered and slammed a pie directly into Tim's face. In the background, the young man could hear Nightwing laughing again.

"Way to get him, Robin!" The laughing continued till he heard a 'plop' and The Boy Wonder could practically picture Dick lying on the ground due to laughing too hard. The thought made Tim want to bat-a-rang his partner in tights, but he held back the urge and faced Russell again.

"Sir, if you would just put down the pies no one has to get hurt." Robin prayed that didn't sound as lame as it did inside his head. Nightwing's loud sputtering, however, confirmed the fact that he sounded, well, stupid.

"Excuse me sir, step away from the pies! Keep your hands away from that custard! No, not the whipped cream! AHHH!" Tim rolled his eyes at Dick's mocking tone. He hadn't seen HIM do anything worth while with this man; instead, all he had done was mock him and laugh at him.

Robin turned back to The Pie Man in time to duck another pie; this was getting ridiculous! He had faced the Two-Face, Scarecrow, Lady Shiva, and many more foes. He would NOT be beat by some disgruntled middle-aged pie-freak. Robin took a moment to track Russell's movements before he lunged for the man.

The two hit the pavement hard, but within a minute, The Pie Man was handcuffed and Tim was at his feet. Dick, off to the side, applauded the Boy Wonder.

"See, that wasn't too hard." Nightwing saw Tim grit his teeth. "What's the matter?"

Robin stared at Dick like he had put his spandex on backwards. Tim knew all his jet-black hair was slicked back by sticky pie with little white streaks still present. His cape and upper part of his costume were also covered with sticky pie filling. And his mask no longer was green, but rather a lovely marshmallow white. Nightwing, on the other hand, looked like he just stepped out of his apartment.

Tim growled and moved away from Russell and his older 'brother'. He had snuck out of his room during his weekend break for this?!?


"Hey, Boy Wonder, you're not sore with me are you?" With lightning fast reflexes, Tim hurled a large amount of the pie off his cape at Nightwing. Even with all his training, Dick was unable to duck the large chunk of custard and felt the moist creme smack him in his face.

"No, I'm not sore."

Tim dove off the side of the building as Nightwing removed the pie filling from his mask. Mentally Dick wondered how pissed Bruce would be if he had to go find another Robin. Somehow, the anger from his mentor seemed ALMOST worth it, but if got rid of Tim, who could he pick on?

Nightwing followed The Boy Wonder's escape off the building, all the while planning a wonderful revenge.

Tim came to a rest on top of a large construction site; sitting on a beam. Twenty stories up Robin hung his feet over the edge and looked at the skyline. He felt Nightwing softly land next to him and smiled. Although, he was sticky, covered in pie, and tired, he felt somewhat satisfied knowing that Dick would be scraping pie out of his mask.

"So, you think this is funny?" Tim felt a soft punch to his shoulder and looked at Nightwing. Dick stood in a defensive stance with his hand in front of him; with two fingers, he beckoned Robin to spar with him.

Tim rolled his eyes, but rose to his feet. The two 'brothers' stood face to face on the beam awaiting the other to make a move. Robin faked left and made a dive for Nightwing, but Dick anticipated the move and flattened Tim to the beam. The slightly heavier young man sat atop the Boy Wonder.

"So, you give up?"

Tim squirmed a bit and then relaxed. "Yeah, yeah."

"Say it."

Robin let out a noise of surprise. "Never!"

Dick rose to his feet and brought Tim with him. Robin struggled against Nightwing, but he was too busy holding back laughter to really put up a fight. Within seconds, the older man held Tim halfway over the beam aimed at the ground a hundred or so feet below.

"Say it. I'll even help. Ready?" Dick cleared he throat. "You are the Master, Dick." He pointed to the young boy. "Now you go."

Robin looked at the ground below and then at Nightwing. With a defiant movement he crossed his arms and turned his head aside.


Dick bent forward and held his face inches from Tim's.

"Say it or I drop you."

The Current Boy Wonder scoffed at Nightwing. "Go ahead."

Dick cocked his head to the side and released Tim. The younger man fanned his arms outward as he plummeted towards the ground. Nightwing watched as Robin committed two forward flips and worked his way into a perfect nose-dive. Dick waited until Robin flew out of site and then sat back down on the beam.

For a long moment, he was alone, but then he saw the black cord fly up in front of him. Shortly behind the line followed the Boy Wonder, who nicely saluted, and then landed next to him.


Tim shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever."

The two crime fighters fell into silence; that was promptly broken by a piercing alarm. The two sighed in unison and stood up. Nightwing stood on the edge ready to jump off, when a groan stopped him. He turned to look at his partner.

"What is it?"

"I've got to get back home before Dad has a coronary. He's put on major restrictions while I'm home this weekend; no nights later than nine, no having people over, no being gone longer than five hours regardless of the time of day. On top of that I have to help him fix the roof, clean out the gutters AND fix up the front lawn."

Robin sighed and Nightwing patted his shoulder in support. "I take it he's still a little upset over the Great Gotham Break-In."

Tim shook his head. "More than a little."

Dick turned back and looked out at the city. "You might want to hurry then."


"Cause it's already eleven."

Nightwing heard a mumble of something along the lines of 'oh crap' and then silence. He turned back around and saw the Boy Wonder was no where to be seen. He truly felt sorry for Tim; he had to keep SO many secrets from SO many people. At least when he was Robin his parent knew of his job and he didn't have to sneak out.

Dick sent Tim a sympathetic look he knew he'd never seen, but definitely needed; his dad was going to kill him.

Consider this the calm before the storm. ^_^

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