This story is intended to be the first in a series of stories. It's an Elseworlds, or perhaps a Futureworlds, as the story is set approximately five to six years in the future of the DC Universe. This has been in the making since July and there's a couple people I want to thank.

First of all, I need to thank Kerrie. For four months now, she has demanded, "Write more Spud!" drawn pictures to amuse and inspire me, and created half my little universe. Also, maybe most importantly, she's said, "That's stupid, don't do that," when I do something stupid.

Secondly, much credit goes to Chicago, who beta read this puppy at least three times, knows the correct counts for CPR, and has made this the most hyped fanfic of all time. Her work with kids in difficult situations has made her an invaluable character advisor. So much of this universe has been flavored by her ideas and advice. Hey Chicago: "You're the World's Greatest Detective, Wayne! You find them!" Finally, thank you to all my friends who got bits and pieces of this or various future stories with cryptic messages attached. Reccea, Rose, Kat, and Charlene, all your support is finally going to be rewarded.

Archive: A.j., I already told you that you could have it; everyone else please let me know. (I'll say yes, just let me know.)

Feedback: Pretty please, with cherries on top.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and no character in this story is meant to represent a real person, living or dead. Spud, Scorch, and Filb belong to me. The rest of the characters used herein are property of DC Comics/Time Warner and have been used without permission, but not for profit.

This story is for Shevera and Uncle Dave, who will probably never read it, but who inspired the entire thing.

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