The Old Man
by Smitty

"What are you doing here?" Angel McDunnagh crossed her arms across her chest blocking the stunningly un-subtle stare of Eel O'Brian.

"I um, I uh--" Eel pulled his eyes back into his head with a snap and made an embarrassed clearing sound in his throat. "I just wanted to, y'know, drop off--it's a Christmas present, ok? For the mini-Me." He waved toward a shiny red bicycle propped against the opposite wall.

Angel stared past Eel at the bike, and then glanced at the floor before meeting his eyes.

"Why would he need a bike? It's not like he can't just turn into one himself." She raised her eyebrow.

"Oh, well, so he can get a paper route? Or be a bike messenger? Isn't that what ten-year olds do these days if they're not shooting people?" Eel sighed and visibly deflated. "I just wanted to get him something, ok?"

"And who am I supposed to say it's from?"

"Um." Eel popped Bat-ears out of his head. "Batman?"

Angel closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Ok, whatever," she said. "Bring it in, but be quiet."

"You're an angel, Angel!"

"Drop dead, O'Brian."

But she said it with a smile.

Author's Notes: In JLA #65, Eel O'Brian, aka Plastic Man, reveals to Batman that a past affair with stripper Angel McDunnagh resulted in a bouncing baby boy named Luke.

Renee Montoya/Jim Gordon: Family Matters

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