Recipe for Disaster
by Smitty

"How did we get this job?" Roy Harper looked around the kitchen suspiciously.

"I volunteered us," Connor Hawke said calmly, studying an open cookbook that was roughly the size of a suitcase.

"Good move on that one." Roy poked curiously through the pile of ingredients on the counter. "I hope you know what you're doing. I can make chili and I can barbeque. No flame, no blame, that's what I say."

"It shouldn't be difficult to follow a recipe." Connor pushed the book away and joined Roy at the pile of flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate chips.

"Y'know," Roy said, not particularly paying attention to what Connor said, "when I was like, thirteen or fourteen, Dinah used to make these great cookies with oatmeal and chocolate-covered raisins. We should make those."

"Do you have a recipe?"

"Nah, but I think I remember how to make them."

"Maybe we should call her."

"It'll be fine," Roy insisted.

"They--aren't really Christmasy," Connor offered in one last, doomed protest.

"Dude. *You* aren't Christmasy." Roy paused. "Though I 'preciate you doing Christmas stuff for Lian."

"It's my pleasure," Connor replied, flushing faintly.

"So we can make my cookies?"


"Who needs a recipe?"

Author's Note: Connor Hawke spent his formative years living among monks in an ashram. He practices Buddhism.

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