Oh, Tannenbaum
by Smitty

"Over the river and through the woods," Roy Harper sang in a surprisingly pleasant baritone. His daughter Lian rode on his shoulders and a small axe hung at his side.

"Daddy," she interrupted, tapping him on the shoulder.

"What is it, punkin'?" he asked, tilting his head up.

"I see one!"


'There!" Lian pointed ahead, and Roy tried to follow her directions to approach The Perfect Tree. "No, that way." Her little hands clutched at Roy's ears, directing his head toward her goal.

Roy good-naturedly allowed himself to be steered through the forest.

"THAT one!"

Roy stared at Lian's choice. It was indeed The Perfect Tree. It was dark green and full, with many branches clustered in its lower strata. The top tapered into a perfect point, well-formed for playing the large, bright star. The only problem?

It stood at least twenty feet high.

"You know," he said, swinging Lian down to the ground, "that's an awfully big tree. It's been here an awfully long time. How about we find another tree? One that doesn't live in the forest."

"Ok," Lian decided, slipping her mittened hand into Roy's. "Daddy? Can we visit the tree on Christmas?"

Roy grinned.


Author's Notes: Not really in continuity, only because Roy was just shot in the chest and really should be resting up instead of carting kids and trees around. In continuity for the sole point that Donna could solve all his problems if she were still around. Thanks, Carmen!

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