Good Intentions
by Smitty

"Close your eyes."

Barbara Gordon shut her eyes obediently and listened as Ted Kord rustled around in his things.

"Ok... open them!"

Barbara blinked her eyes open and zoomed in immediately on the... thing... Ted was propping up. It was black and matte, a little longer than her torso, and had rubber tracks, like a tank, running down each side.

"Wow! A tank-board... thing. Thanks, Ted!"

"Funny," Ted shot back. "Watch this." He set the board flat on the ground and pulled out a small remote control. With the press of a red button, the top of the board flipped up into a chair back and the tracks expanded upward.

Barbara found herself looking at a true all-terrain wheelchair.

"Wow," she said, sincerely this time.

"I was fiddling around in the lab," Ted said modestly, setting the remote on the table. "I know you don't do much fieldwork, but it might help when you do."

"Gosh, I don't know what to say," Babs admitted. "It's a great Christmas present, Ted. There's just one thing..."


"Sit down."

Ted sat in the chair curiously. Barbara reached out and hit the red button. The chair snapped shut, spilling Ted to the floor.

"No remote," she suggested.

Author's Notes: Babs did have some sort of all-terrain wheelchair in the Terry Moore arc of Birds of Prey but... I like my idea better.

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