Down in History
by Smitty

"I brought the champagne."

"I brought the Chocos." Dinah waved them.

"Excellent." J'onn pulled four glasses from his bag and arranged them on the broken conference table.

"Is there room for one more?"

"Arthur! There you are!" Dinah hopped down from her perch on the table to run over to her old friend and hug him. "We were hoping you'd come."

"I--wasn't sure if I was welcome."

"Of course you are welcome," J'onn scolded him, holding out a fifth glass, yet empty. "You will have a place at this meeting until..."

Almost as one, their eyes strayed to the picture still prominent on the wall.

"You're here," Dinah insisted, linking her arm through his. "And that's all that matters."

"Yes." J'onn popped the cork and set it aside. He tilted the bottle toward Arthur's glass, spilling champagne into the flute. He filled the other four glasses and handed one to Dinah, keeping another for himself. Then, he tilted the last of the bottle into the last two flutes.

"To us," J'onn started.

"To them," Dinah added, voice catching.

Arthur cleared his throat, holding his glass out to the two glasses alone on the conference table.

"To the Justice League."

Author's Note: Hal Jordon, Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, J'onn J'onnz and Dinah Lance were the founding members of the original Post-Crisis JLA. This isn't specifically holiday-themed, but I figured they'd make this toast around the holidays. They're in Happy Harbor, the first League headquarters, though I'm fairly sure that Young Justice blew it up a couple of times. I'm just hoping the picture of the First Five and some semblance of the conference table are still intact, somehow.

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