Christmas Wrapping
by Smitty

"The first thing you do," Jack Knight informed his son, "is tape the paper to the box. See, here, where it folds over."

Three-year-old Teddy nodded soberly, as if Jack were imparting great secrets of the universe.

"And then you, wrap this around and--more tape."

Teddy obediently handed over the roll.

"Thanks. So now you fold this like so and, see, you want to tape this so it doesn't move. And then you fold this overtop and--where's the tape? Ok, so see, now you have corners. And you want to take them and tape to the top, and--I'm stuck."

Teddy watched, alarmed, as Jack tried to free his index finger from the jumble of tape and wrapping paper in which he'd managed to trap himself.

"Teddy," Sadie Knight's voice came from the hallway. "Time for bed!"

Teddy scampered away and Sadie appeared in the doorframe, surveying the mess of tape, wrapping paper, and bows, and her sticky husband, climbing to his feet.

"Y'know..." Jack started, scratching his head.

"I know you miss it sometimes," Sadie said, slipping her arms around Jack's waist. "But I promise you, honey. The cosmic rod would not making wrapping packages any easier.

Author's Note: When we last saw Jack Knight, he had handed the cosmic rod over to Courtney Whitmore and was headed to San Francisco, Teddy in tow, to reunite with his pregnant girlfriend, Jayne Sadie Payton (Falk). Or whatever her name was.

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