Checking It Twice
by Smitty

Superboy was making a list.

He made one every year, about this time, typing it into an email.

The only problem was, the recipient field was empty.

Every year he dutifully studied the store flyers, browsed the internet, and wandered the mall, deciding which items he would request from a family he didn't have. Then, he went home and made his list, and checked it twice and waited for someone to ask if they could see it.

But no one ever did.

Lois always bought him something from her favorite department store, from her and Clark. Usually a sweater, but it was a nice sweater and expensive.

His friends always gave him nice stuff, too. Well, except for Bart.

Bart always got him something, too. Never anything useful, but Bart would hand it over with shining eyes and a jittering foot, so he couldn't complain.

But no one ever asked for his list.

So Superboy's mouse was moving to save the message as a draft, just like all the others, when Ma Kent poked her head into his room.

"Connor," she said. "When you get a chance, can you give me a Christmas list?"

"Sure," he said, and hit print.

Author's Note: Superboy lives in Smallville with the Kents as of the end of the Superboy series. Superthanks to Chicago for fic help and Noel for knowing about Superboy in the eleventh hour.

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