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Brain Freeze
by Smitty

"Nightwing here...heya, gorgeous.
"Absolutely, got it.
"I'm on my way, now.
"ETA? I'd say about ten, twelve minutes.
"Yeah, I'm glad I'm in Gotham, too, babe.
"I'll take care of it. I promise.

"Closing in, now.
"No, I can't hurry...
"You want me to go in dressed like this?
"You gotta be kidding me.
"Yeah, I'm going in.
"No, I see what you mean.
"Well, of course we do, but no one's supposed to KNOW that.
"Yeah, I know it's common sense, but...
"I have NOT been hanging out with HIM again.
"I am NOT just like HIM!
"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm going.

"Um, I have a problem, here.
"Excuse me...excuse me...yo!
"Yeah, you. How many people are in here?
"No, not that one...this one.
"I didn't ask you that.
"What do they pay you to do this kind of dirty work?
"Ok, yeah, I guess I'd be rude and surly, too.
"Do you know the first thing about that thing?
"Yeah, I'm sure YOU do.
"Hey, try the--"
"You made the mess, you clean it up.
"Oh, fudgesicles...why don't they make pockets on this thing?
"Yeah, it's real!
"Yeah, well, at least I have better taste on the outside than most people have underneath.

"I need to run a check on this guy...about 5'10"...hell of an acne roblem...probably 15 or 16.
"Yeah, I know there's a lot of them.
"No, no problem...call it professional curiosity.
"Whoa, what's that?
"Yeah, gotta take a detour.
"No, don't worry. Not a problem.
"Robin, what's up?
"No, no, not right now. Meetcha 'round one?
"What's what?
"What do you mean?
"It's just..."
"What are you laughing at?
"Yeah, well, maybe I'll just tell her your REAL name, huh?
"I would, too, dare. It's not like she doesn't know who Batman is.
"No, I'm not.
"Look, you little--
"All right, all right, I'm whipped, now get out of my way, ok?
"Yeah, see you at one.
"You little..."

Ok, guys, this'll have to be a hit and run crimestopping, 'cause I'm in big trouble if I'm late.
"Hey, watch it!
"Oh, put the knife down. I can duck it, and you might cut the--
"Hey, what did I say about that?
"You know how much trouble I'm gonna be in if I lose any of this?
"Geez, where's Robin when you actually want him around?
"Ouch. That must have hurt. Glad I'm me and not you.
"That's right. Run the like the cowardly bunch, um...lot...um...whatever it is HE likes to call you.
"Geez, gotta get going.

"Yeah, Babs, I got it.
"I'm on my way, now. You'll have it soon, sweetie.
"I promise.

"Babs, what is it?" Nightwing knelt by Barbara Gordon's side, his face creased with concern as the woman known as Oracle cradled her temples in her hands. "What's wrong?" A worried hand stroked her hair as she moaned in pain.
"Brain freeze," she whimpered.
Dick looked at the 32 ounce Slurpee cup sitting in front of her.
"Babs, I hate to say I told you so, but you just downed 32 ounces of Slurpee in about 15 seconds."
"It was worth it."
"For what?"
"For this!" she said, cheerfully, flashing him a blue-stained tongue.
"Thanks, Ex-Boy Wonder...the blue ones are the best..."

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