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“Son, Is That You?” Chapter one of ?
By Marcie Gore

“Melody Elaine Williams, I love you SO much, I have something important to ask you before I leave for the airport,” Dick says. "Not long ago Bruce passed on his Grandmother's engagement and wedding ring to me. He told me he'd wanted to do it for so long. He felt like it was something a father should give to his son when he thought he'd found the right woman. We both think YOU are the right woman for me. Will you marry me?“

At this point both of our eyes are filled with tears. I say yes, and with that, Dick jumps down from the tree he'd been perched in and plants a lingering, tender kiss on my lips, and places the ring on my finger. It fits like it was made for me. It may seem strange for a guy to propose from a tree, but this tree on the grounds of Wayne Manor is special. It was from there; Dick jumped down and surprised me with our first kiss when we were both nine. After we come up for air I see Alfred taking a picture of us, from a few feet away. I also detect the slightest smile on Bruce's face, whom's standing behind Alfred. They both tell me welcome to the family. After they leave, to give us privacy again, I tell Dick, I wish he didn’t have to leave for Metropolis, so soon after we've become engaged, or that I could come with him. He reminds me I still have a few tracks to finish on my upcoming album. He knows I’d be bored alone while he's in meetings, Dick says. He'll be back in a few days, and we can celebrate some more. We can even announce our engagement publicly at the VMAS if I like. (Writers note: VMAS = MTV Video Music Awards, for anyone who didn’t know. 2nd Writer's note: consider the section you just read the calm before the storm.)

Chapter 2

(From this point on the story MAY seem a little like Day Of Our Lives. So, sue me, I like soaps and comics, and I think they are two of the most under-appreciated mediums, art forms out there.)

Dick and I say goodbye at the airport. He promises to call when he gets to his hotel in a couple of hours. When he leans down to hug me as we reach the gate, I hold him like I’m afraid to let go. Then we kiss one last time before he runs to board Bruce's private jet. I have an unexplainable feeling of dread as the plane takes off. Why do I feel this way, we've both flown millions of times?

The Wayne jet, Dick's POV. “Welcome aboard Mr. Grayson,” the pilot says. They shake hands and Dick sits down and fastens his seat belt. The two-hour flight is eventless until they are half way to the Metropolis airport. The pilot tells Dick they are going to have to make an emergency landing. They start to lose altitude rapidly, and crash into the woods. The huge jet starts to leak fuel as Dick and the pilot loses consciousness.

(End of first part. Sorry it was so short. I just thought this was a good place for a cliffhanger. Ok, and it was late. :})

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