Disclaimer: You're joking right? If they belonged to me... well you'd never see 'em. They, Babs and her new man, belong to DC Comics and not me. I can't even draw 'em.
Continuity: Dolphin? who the hell is she? Slot this into wherever you want as long as you remember that Dolphin (the white-haired *****, not the animal) didn't come into Garth's life on a permenant basis... or maybe she was his rebound from Babs. Who knows? Enjoy :)

by cHarley

Babs was *loving* this vacation, and with Black Canary with her, she felt as if she could truly relax. Thinking of Dinah made Barbara open her eyes and look across the short expanse of netted-in waters to where her friend sat on the beach being ogled by any man who had eyes. Babs checked her position in the water on her inflatable chair and paddled herself a few feet closer to the beach before closing her eyes again.

"And I thought Orin had rid the ocean of her nymphs and sirens and here you are..."

"AAHHHH!!" Babs flailed her arms in an attempt to not fall back into the enclosed patch of ocean. "Tempest? Garth, you may be handsome but that won't save you from the splashing of your life for scaring me!" she hissed and commenced splashing the young Atlantean.

Laughing, he pulled her out of her seat and held her against him, ending her frantic, and useless splashing. "It's good to see you too, and without Robbie's watchful eye over us."

"Oh?" Babs asked arching an eyebrow.

"I only ask that you accompany me..."

"Dinner? We could go for sushi." She giggled as he blanched white. "It was only a joke. Where do you want us to go? Garth?"

He was mumbling, his hands splayed across her back. "Just in case," he smiled, and began to swim, still holding her against him.

Barbara squealled with delight. "Dolphins!"

"A tour of the ocean... well some of it," Garth blushed.

"Is this your idea of a date?" Babs asked, his blush growing deeper, "Cause it's beautiful." She pulled herself over the nets and held onto the dorsal fin of one of the waiting dolphins.

"You've done this before," Garth accused lightly.

Barbara pulled a face. "Part of my therapy... but it's the best part," she said softly.

"Then I'm glad..."

She reached a hand out and held his as they raced across the waters.

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