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Rating: G
Summary: It is so short... why should I write a summary? I felt a little sick due to eating to much, so I HAD to make someone else suffer for it...
Comments: I did this without a beta reader, so I am completely to blame for all grammar and language mistakes (if there is a mistake so bad that it would kill you not to say anything about it, email me privately. I love to improve my English).

So, here it goes:

Feeling Sick
by Lucy

"Nnnnngh!" Dick Grayson rolled around on the couch and moaned, holding his belly.

Immediately he was answered by a second moan. Roy Harper carefully sat up in an armchair, mirroring Dick's gesture of holding his aching belly.

"I feel so sick, I think I'm gonna throw up!" he mumbled.

"Me, too!" answered Dick softly, then moaned again in discomfort.

"Hey, what's up with you two? Are you sick?" Toni threw her shopping bags on the floor and hurried to her teammates.

"Uh-huh, I feel like throwing up!" Roy moaned and clutched his belly tighter.

"Oh, come on you two, I'll bring you into the infirmary!" Toni pulled her friends up and helped them to the infirmary. They only came forward slowly and if she believed them, they were shortly before dying. Roy even dropped to the floor and said he wouldn't get up again, but Toni pulled him up mercilessly and finally reached the infirmary with them. There she placed each one on a bed and tucked them into warm covers. Then she placed a basket next to each bed and a glass of water on the little cupboards.

With a last worried look Toni closed the door behind her. They were still moaning and holding their bellies. Toni decided to call a doctor. Perhaps they had something serious. She had first thought of the flu, but their discomfort seemed to concentrate only on their stomachs.

Just as Toni wanted to grab the phone, Donna and Jesse entered the Tower. Toni hurried to meet them and told them, that she had put Dick and Roy into the infirmary in case they might have something that could infect others as well.

Donna says nothing, also Toni had the feeling she saw the beginning of an evil grin on her friends lips. She led Donna and Jesse to the infirmary, where Donna finally started to laugh out loud.

Immediately they heard the complaints of their male teammates.

"And, " Donna asked still chuckling. "Who won your little who eats the most pudding competition?"

"Me!" came the answer from behind. The three women turned and stared at Garth, holding a sandwich in his left hand, chewing happily.


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