Four Days epilogue
by JBMcDragon

"It was nice talking to you, too, Ms. Roberson. Good luck with your son."

Serling looked up from her paperwork as Superboy entered the room, just turning off his cell phone. "Roberson? Who's that?"

He smiled slightly, shaking his head. "Just a woman Guardian got me in touch with. Nothing you'd know about."

She looked at him curiously, but didn't press. It didn't really matter, and she had other things to worry about.

He stepped off the plane and looked around, wary, frightened, uncertain, hopeful. With a slender hand he adjusted his glasses, then shifted the weight of his backpack against his spine.

A moment later his eyes caught on a face in the crowd, and he smiled, hurrying forward. He and the woman stood together for a moment, uncertain how to act, then she smiled and hugged him. He returned it, hesitantly. Their words, when they spoke, were lost in the crowd of the terminal. They turned together and walked away, the boy running a hand through his short brown hair self-consciously.

Con adjusted his sunglasses and tugged absently at his earring before dropping his hand down into the pocket of his leather jacket.

"You think I did the right thing, Guardian?" he asked softly, watching the pair walk away.

"I think so," Guardian answered, putting a reassuring hand on Con's shoulder.

"Even if they don't get along," Con said after a moment, watching the young man and his mother get swallowed in the crowd, "he's better off with her then with Anthony."

"I would agree with that," Guardian said. "And you did it without hurting anyone."

"Yeah," Con murmured softly. "Right. So... should I e-mail him?"

Guardian turned, heading the opposite way that the pair had gone. Conel walked next to him, looking back over his shoulder every few minutes. "I don't see why not."

"Yeah," Con said, sighing. "Me neither."

Subject: Hi.

hey, con. (kon?) i was talking to madeline--my mom--and jerry--my step dad--and they said that you had contacted them, told them where i was and what was going on.

it wasn't any of your business to do that.

but... thanks.

madeline says you were just trying to help that day. i guess i can understand that. i still don't agree with it, but i understand it.

anyway. jenny and the gang are all doing good. jenny wants a signed picture, btw. her mom is still in and out of chemo. she's not doing any worse, not doing any better--in a holding pattern, i guess.

well. yeah. i don't know what to say. don't know if you'll even get this. i shouldn't have yelled at you that day. but then, you should't've beaten up tony.

we both screwed up, i guess. you... think maybe you wanna start over? again?

anyway, answer and--and i'll answer, and maybe... well. yeah.

thanks. i just--i wanted to--

thank you.


ps write back, okay?

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