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Brooke Carmen Wayne Carmen Williams Charlene Edwards cHarley
Chicago Curly Jo C.W. Blaine Cyndi Smith Dafnap
Darklady DarkMark DarkRiver Diamonde Domenika Marzione
E Kelly Firebird Gen X Gina Ivy Indigo
JB McDragon Jesse N. Willey John Westcott Kerithwyn Lis
Lucy Lyrade Marcie Gore Mike Smith Patty
Rea Reccea Robin Rogue Knight Rose
SKH Slipstream Smitty Susie Syl Francis
Tammy The KareBear The Seitz Theresa Tracey Claybon
Wolfie Wyzeguy


Poison Ivy: Perfect Opportunity
Poison Ivy receives a tempting offer, but she's not completely convinced. Takes place between Chapter 5 and 6 in "Life Don't Have to be No Bed of Roses".

Amy Antonucci

Arsenal/Nightwing: If You Love Someone
Roy finds out that a certain person may still be alive and goes off on a search to find him.


Robin: Will The Real Robin Please Stand Up?
Superboy and Wondergirl attempt to find out Robin's true identity.

Batman: Rantings Of A Sane Man
Someone is obsessed with Bruce Wayne.

Robin/Arrowette: Cheek To Cheek

Young Justice: A Quiet Day
YJ takes a day off.


Flash: What Holidays?
Wally thinks while on monitor duty.

Blinky the Tree Frog

Azrael: Burning Over


Jason Todd: Ghost

Jason Todd: The Hacker (Humble Beginnings)

Nightwing/Batman: Good Company
Bruce and Dick have a "disagreement" yet again. But Barbara knows just what will cure the hurt.

Carmen Wayne

Batman/Oracle: Lasting Effects

Carmen Williams

Superboy/Batgirl: When Kon Met Sandy

Starman: Burned

Charlene Edwards

Batman/Nightwing: Accidental Revelations

Batman/Nightwing: Present from the Past

Nightwing/Batman: Branded


Tempest/Oracle: Siren


Martian Manhunter/Oracle: Homecomings
A story written on a dare that turned into so much more-Barbara Gordon (Oracle) and J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) share a week to remember in Denver. This is decidedly a "behind the scenes, out of costume" story.

Curly Jo

Young Justice: Sacrifice

C.W. Blaine

Robin 1: Gotham Tales: The Watcher

Cyndi Smith

Bat-Clan: The Tether


Robin: Robin's Reward
Robin patrols for Nightwing.


Bat-Clan/Black Canary: A Walk in the Park

Batman/Superman: Happy Birthday

Robin: Sweet Sixteen


Green Lantern Corps: With This Ring...


Young Justice: Family Values


Draco: When I Grow Up

Domenika Marzione

Hawkgirl II: Pythagoras Says
The JSA's two body problem is a love triangle and it's Kendra against the world--and against herself.

E Kelly

Batverse: Regions Of Sorrow


Batman/Robin II: I'll Remember You, Robin
Batman remembers his second Robin.

Nightwing/Oracle: A Christmas Visitor
Oracle gets a surprise on Christmas Eve.

Gen X

Bat-Clan/Jason Bard: The Sanctity of Snow
A tragedy happens shortly before Christmas and the Family has to deal with it's after-effects.

Nightwing: Adoption
Following the events in "Gotham Knights", Dick Grayson ruminates on family, and titles, and mostly about the new official title of adopted son.

Gina Ivy

Dick Grayson: Officer Grayson: Healing Old Wounds

Dick Grayson: Officer Grayson: Healing Old Wounds: Part Two


Batman: Batman Forever

JB McDragon

Superboy: Papercut
Superboy thinks about his lost powers.

Superboy: Four Days

Jesse N. Willey

DCU: In The Eleventh Year

Spectre/Green Lantern: I Can't Leave A Dog Out On A Night Like This

John Westcott

Nightwing: Black Ops


DCverse: The DC Universe Woke Up Gay

Nightwing: Nightwing Woke Up Gay

[Elseworlds] Barbara Gordon/JLA: In Brightest Day...

Connor Hawke: Accepting

Connor Hawke: Seeking

Connor Hawke: Telling

Flash 2/Green Lantern 2: After Life

Black Canary: Same As It Ever Was


Titans: Between Hello And Goodbye
Roy reflects on Donna's death.


Arsenal/Nightwing/Lian: First Driving Lesson
Lian get's her driving permit and also her first lesson. (in this story I let Dick have a car for his Nightwing persona and one for his private life).

Titans: Feeling Sick


Nightwing/Batman: Memory Lane

Marcie Gore

Bat-Clan/Pegasus: Son, Is That You?
Dick is in a plane crash on the way to business trip on Bruce's behalf, and is presumed dead. A year later a man comes to Wayne Manor claiming to be him, after extensive reconstructive surgery. Why arenít Bruce and the others happy to see him?

Mike Smith

Superman: Recollection


Tim Drake: A Bad Bear Day
5-year-old Timmy has a bad day and needs a little help.


Robin/Superboy: Identity Crisis

Robin/Batman: The Driving Lesson

Young Justice: Thank God Christmas Comes Only Once A Year

Nightwing/Robin/Oracle: Nightwing & The Karaoke Kid

Robin/Superboy: Robin's Christmas Dilemma

Nightwing/Robin/Batman: Family Time

Robin/Superboy: The Next Step
Robin and Kon have a discussion.

Bat-Clan/Superboy: Too Deep To Breathe


Nightwing/Arsenal/Troia: Over Guinness
Roy and Donna discuss his feelings about Dick.


Tim Drake: Tricks And Treats

Rogue Knight

Nightwing: All Hallow's Eve
Everyone knows that Bludhaven is rife with evil. Most people assume that the evil is produced by humans. Not always. Not always.


Bat-Clan: Darkness Before Dawn
The Bat-Family loses a member.

Oracle/Nightwing: Rose Petals
Barbara gets her second chance.

Nightwing/Robin/Batman: Hampster Dance


Nightwing/Arsenal: Gotchoo
Rascally Arsenal drags exhausted Nightwing out on the town, with lasting results.

Nightwing/Batman: Struck
Inclement weather poses a serious threat to an otherwise routine drug bust.


Robin: He Knows When You've Been Fighting Crime...


Nightwing: WAR!
A practical joke war between Nightwing and Robin.

Nightwing/Oracle: Brain Freeze

Nightwing/BoP: The Ol' Switcharoo

Li'l Nightwing/Li'l Batgirl: Bat-Babies

BoP/Dr. Mid-Nite/Batman: Love Stinks
Valentine's Day, BoP-style.

Arsenal: If I Had A Million Dollars...

Black Canary/Batman: Come On... It'll Be Fun
The definitive Batman birthday story.

Arsenal/Lian: The Bestest Birfday Ever

Dr. Mid-Nite/Sandy: Just To Be Safe

DCU: Jingle Bells
A series of Christmas stories about various individual characters.


Bruce/Dinah: Small Potatoes: Objects in the Rearview Mirror are Closer Than They Appear.
Bruce fears Dinah might leave him if he doesn't leave her first.

Nightwing/Oracle/Spud: Small Potatoes: Coming Home


Robin: Broken Trust

Robin: The Mask Slips

Robin/Other Character: Broken Promise
A broken promise and a broken heart.

Robin: Last Leap
A quick fic about Tim Drake's first solo flight into the Gotham night as Robin.

Syl Francis

[Elseworlds] Robin, Boy Of Steel
A universe with a very different Dick Grayson.

Nightwing/Batman: For the Guy Who Has Everything
A Father's Day piece.

Huntress/Batman: Revelation
The Huntress comes to a new understanding with the Dark Knight.

Batman/Catwoman: Silent Knight, Lonely Knight
It's Christmas Eve and all through Gotham a lonely Bat stirs.

[Elseworlds] Batman/Catwoman: Broken Mirror
Gotham City's defender, Catwoman, must stop the new threat to her city, a mysterious thief known only as the Batman!

Batman/Catwoman: Always A Woman To Me
Bruce is haunted by a memory.

Jack And Twitchy Timeline

Jack/Twitchy: The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr.
Two kidnappers run afoul of their intended target.

Jack/Twitchy: Why Me?
The return of Twitchy and Jack, the two inept crooks introduced in The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr.

Jack/Twitchy: Somebody Up There Hates Me!
Two ex-cons learn the meaning of Christmas.


Robin/Superman: The Interview

Roy Harper/Tim Drake: The Reign Of Roy

Dick Grayson: Shear Madness

The KareBear

Batman/Nightwing/Robin: The Problem With Rubber

The Hampster Series

Nightwing/Oracle/Bob: Meet Bob

Batman: The Hampster Has To Die

Bob: Bob's Lesson

Bob: No More Bob

The Seitz

Poison Ivy: Oh Christmas Tree

Batgirl/David Cain: My Little Girl

Catwoman: Last Minute Shopping


Robin: Rituals

Robin: The Easter Disaster

Tracey Claybon

Oracle: Volkswagens and Porsches

Batgirl/Lady Shiva: Leaf Fall


Wonder Woman: The Evening After

Batman: Anchor

Superman: Deepest Secrets


Arsenal/Nightwing/Jesse Quick: Secret


Superman: Millennium
An "Ultimate"-style reinterpretation of Superman sees Clark Kent discovering his Kryptonian roots and coming to Metropolis for a much different reason than before.

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