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Sweet Sixteen (or Happy Birthday, Tim)
Part Six-Batman

by Darklady

Time for some answers.


"Oracle here, Batman." The mechanical voice matched the silver face on the screen.

"Do you have a location on Robin?"

"Isn't he with you?" The voice remained flat, but a bit of humanity crept in around the edges.

Not the answer I wanted. "No, and his transponder isn't registering anywhere in Gotham."

"Let me check." A background clicking I know indicates Barbara on her keyboard. "I have him. He's listed as active with Young Justice. Checking." A low him.That's a com-net search. "Yes. They are all showing together. Coordinates 36 latitude by -117 longitude." A delay filled with more clicks." That would be Los Vegas, Nevada."

Unnecessary. I had recognized the location. The question was. "What are they doing there?"

"No listing. Strange....." A rather long pause without sound.

I wait. She will answer when she can.

"I'm showing a number of transponders at the same spot. All of Young Justice, one Titan, two JL reserve, but there's nothing on the newswire. If it's that big a fight....."

I don't need to hear more. "Can you get a tight focus?"

"Maybe." A few clicks."Yes. They are in the city. West side downtown. Maybe around the Sahara or the Mirage. Likely above ground, given signal strength. Let me try for a photo." A high electronic squeal. "Satellite T-14 in position, focusing..... Usual traffic patterns. Foot moment shows no panic. Sorry Batman, no sign of trouble. Unusual. In someplace as populated as Hotel Row... Well, should I..."

"No need." I cut her off. "I will take it from here. Batman out."

Robin in Nevada? He must know he was expected in the Cave. Perhaps Young Justice caught a fight? It happens. I consider a moment. They are young. If there are that many involved and the situation is not resolving, they may require aid. I realize that we agreed to give them a certain autonomy, but not if.... "Batman to JLA. One to teleport."

I drop the shield and step into the clear tube. Transporter bite is clear and cold, as always. A sharp sensation, but not entirely unpleasant. I step out on the Moon. J'onn is waiting.


"Batman." He makes the effort to smile. "I had thought you would already have been at Robin's party."

"Not... yet." Party? I control my body, and rely on J'onn's good manners to keep him out of my mind.

He sets the new coordinates unasked. "No one has transported out yet, so you should still be in time. That is where you were going?"

"Yes." I answer. "That is where I am going. Just as soon as I make one call."

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