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Sweet Sixteen (or Happy Birthday, Tim)
Part Five-Green Arrow

by Darklady

Gardner did this? For Robin? I didn't think he got along with the Bat. I didn't think he got along with much of anybody. Just goes to show how wrong you can be about someone.

For a guy who did nothing for no one, Gardner certainly had gone all out.

The grill was sizzling, the music was loud, and every crime-fighter under legal age was currently on or above the disco-lit dance floor. There was even four cheese pizza and California Roll for us vegetarian types. The costumed grownups passing through the mob served soda and chips. Which really jazzed the kids, because most of their lives these suits are GIVING orders. Ten flavor ice cream buffet came complete with all the toppings. And not a drop of booze in sight. Even the back of the bar had been cleared. I had always heard from folks who viewed Warrior as some sort of irresponsible jerk, but he was sure doing a bang-up job tonight.

Cissie had asked me along, half date and half chaperone. She had her mother to contend with, and that's enough to make anyone paranoid. I had agreed because, well-I have to deal with her mother too. And Cissie's my shooting partner. And you back up your partner no matter what. But I hadn't expected this. I hadn't expected to have a good time. But I was.

Cissie had dropped her gear, given the place one look, and beelined for the dance floor. Popular destination. Not enough space on the floor for everyone, so some of the flyers were above the floor. Good idea. I smiled as I watched Wondergirl execute some elaborate loop with the Marvel boy. Cute couple. Cassandra would have a cow. Saw Argent flashing power like a disco ball and Superboy laughing and dodging between the strikes. Fun.

Everyone was here but the guest of honor. Impulse had gone for him, which even allowing for delays meant just a couple of seconds until showtime.

I picked a good viewing point near the stage. Under the party noise I could hear the shouts of the manager setting up. The main acts had gone home, but Gardner had asked a few of the showgirls to stay late and repeat part of the act. I was looking forward to it. Between my time in the monastery and my work, I had never actually seen a Vegas show. The act at Warrior's was supposed to be good.

Whoosh. A sudden wind blew through, ruffling hair and clothes, and turning heads toward the center table.

"ROBBIE! SURPRISE!" The large room echoed with cheers.

Young Justice descended on Robin with shouts and hugs.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Secret swirled around Robin like smoke. "Do you like it?"

"For me?" The guest of honor dropped wide-eyed into a chair.

"Of course for you." Superboy zoomed out of the crowd. "Who else is having a birthday? Solomon Grundy?"

Gardner strode on to the stage, tattoos glowing at the edge of his sequined tux.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN and WELCOME TO WARRIOR'S VEGAS." Garner paused a moment to let the cheering crest and subside. "In honor of this most auspicious occassion, the Warriors revue is proud and please to present a new production-YOUNG JUSTICE-SWEET SIXTEEN!"

The lights dropped, the curtains opened, and the first dancer took to the stage.

"OH MY GHOD! ROBBIE!" That squeal was from Cissie, but she wasn't alone.

The tall showgirl had to pause for a moment for the applause to die back, but that just gave us all more time to take in her costume. Buddha! Nightwing looked good, but he never looked like that! I forced my mind away from an image I did not need (at least for now.) Bare legs, feathered green pant, red rhinestone tunic on the skimpy side of legal. Tossing her sheer yellow cape to the audience, the dancer pulled herself on to the silver-spangled trapeze and did a few easy spins before settling on the rod and starting her song.

Not the best voice, but that clearly was unimportant. I could barely hear the lyrics above the cheering and applause. Something about 'Swings in the Night'. Not great music, but cute. When she finished, she did a few more flips before dropping down to join with "Superboy" (Better make that Supergirl-the translucent nylon suit technically covered skin, but it didn't try to disguise gender. Still it was clever.) The two women did a little tap dance and some fight moves before breaking out in another song.

The kids loved it. By the second verse, they were all joining in on the 'Up Up and Away'. So I did too.

Singalongs must be expected here. By the time "Impulse" made it a trio, the words were running in a banner above the stage.

I must have lost track of time. "Wonder Girl" was belting out 'Girl Power' when I first saw the shadow pass through the back window.

Strange. This seemed like a good idea. Until now.

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