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Sweet Sixteen (or Happy Birthday, Tim)
Part Four-Secret

by Darklady

I was floating at the top of the cave when Superboy flew in. Damn near flew through me, but he spotted me at the last second and swerved.

"Yo. Secret!" He had this fake whisper, like people use when they shouldn't tell but they still want you to hear.


"Can you keep a ... secret?"

"Very funny." Kon and Impulse and their puns. Sometimes I just don't understand boys.

"I'm serious." He dropped the voice and got real. "Sort of. I've got a plan and I need you to help me with it. And we have to keep it quiet from Robin."

"From Robin? Why would you want..?"

"'Cause it's FOR him." Kon interrupted. "Listen." He spun around with his legs under him like he was sitting. " I just learned that tomorrow is Robbies birthday. His *sixteenth* birthday. And that Batman's like-not doing anything for him, which is *such* a bummer."

"Nothing?" Wonder Girl has heard Kon-El, and had flown up to join us. "Even the Bat couldn't be that mean. Could he?"

"Duh." Kon spun to look at her. "What do you think?"

"Poor Robbie."

I knew what she meant. Cassandra and her mother may have had their fights, but it wasn't ever that bad. I tried to give her a hug, and she smiled.

"So any way", Superboy continued, "I figured-we are his friends-we should give him a party. A bitchen party."

"Here?" I looked around. "Great!!"

"Nope. Better then here. I talked to Guy Gardner..."

"The Green Lantern guy?" Arrowette had come in, so we drifted down to floor level.

"One of them." Kon answered. "He owns that Warrior's place, and he said we can have the party there."

"Kon!" Arrowette sounded worried, like she is too often. "We can't go into Warrior's. That's a bar. We're not old enough."

"We can after hours." Kon smiled. "Mr. Gardner said so. And that's what makes it so incredibly cool. He said he'd do burgers and stuff, and a killer cake, and it will be all like grown up and stuff."

"He'd do that for Robbie. For his birthday party?" Wondergirl sounded impressed.

"Robbie's birthday?" Impluse had come in while we were talking, gone out,and was already back with an armful of crepe paper and balloons.

"Impluse! No!" I caught him before he could make a second trip. "The party's not going to be here. And it's tomorrow night." He looked so dejected I had to add. "But you can help us with the invitations."

Wonder girl flew towards the computer, "We can print them up here."

"Better to just tell people." I wrapped a smoke stream around her arm, "That way we'll know who is coming."

"Kewl." Impulse was halfway to the door when a caught him again." But we had better make a list. So well know who talks to who."

Wondergirl nodded. "How many can we ask."

We all looked at Kon."Looked like a pretty big place. And Mr. Gardner didn't tell me to limit it." He shrugged. "Lets invite everybody."

"Titans?" Wondergirl asked. I knew she meant Donna.

"Everybody Our Age!" Kon replied. Which means maybe Argent, but none of the others.

"Just costumes?" She was busy clicking away, pulling up out contact lists.

"Costumes and allies." Kon added, clearly including his Hawaiian friends. "And we have to figure out some way to get Robin to Vegas without him catching on."

"Vegas!" That was Arrowette again. "I thought you meant Warriors in Gotham."

"And have Bat-crashers?" Kon snorted loudly. "No way! If Robbie's not important enough to them for them to give him a phat party, then they aren't invited!"

Arrowette nodded, but.... "Can we at least tell RT? Someones got to be with Traya." That was her roommate, and Red Tornado's daughter. Traya really was too young to just leave alone.

"So bring her." Kon-El answered.

"If he asks." Wondergirl added. "Just say it's Robin's birthday party. Don't tell him anything else. We have to be careful if we want to keep it a secret from you-know-who."

"Can we do that?" Impulse asked.

"Maybe," Kon hesitated, "if we are real careful."

Wondergirl looked up. "I know how hard it is to keep anything from the Bat, but....."

"It's only for one day." Kon finished.

"I don't know about this." Arrowette said. "I mean, we got in enough trouble with that Mount Rushmore thing, and then....."

"So?" That was Impulse, back for returning the decorations. "It's got to be OK. I mean, Garner's a Green Lantern and the Guardians wouldn't pick anybody who wasn't copacetic, so..."

That was majorly true, even coming from Impulse.

Arrowette hesitated. "Can I tell Conner Hawk?"

"Green Arrow guy?" Wondergirl asked.

"Yes." Cissie made sort of a wave. "We've been shooting together, and..."

"Sure." Kon answered. "You can bring a date."

"He's not a date. My mother won't let me date. He's just my teacher. Sort of." Cissie thought a bit. "But he is a grownup. I mean, he's been with the Justice League. So..."

"Would he be cool with us?" Wondergirl asked. I think she liked the thought of an older guy.

"Sure," Cissie answered."He's only like 19 or so. He's not a real old guy like the Bat."

"Good idea." Impulse added. "He'd be like a chaperone or something. And the Bat can't yell at us if we have a real member of the Justice League around."

"Two of them with Mr. Gardner." Wondergirl agreed.

"Then it's got to be OK. I mean," Impulse stopped running and dropped onto the couch. "They wouldn't let anyone in the Justice League that you couldn't really trust."

"OK" Kon-El decided. "You can ask Green Arrow. And Argent from the Titans. And I'll bring Tana Moon. But no other adults. I want this party to be fun."

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