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Happy Birthday
by Darklady

A grunt of pain. The sound of flesh hitting flesh. Several blocks away, but clear to his super-senses. This was a job for...

"Bruce Wayne?"

Superman landed a careful distance from the now still mugger, stareing instead at the man in the tailored suit.

"What are you..."

"Getting mugged, so it would seem. Is that supposed to happen in your town?"

"Sorry, but I... ah..."

Bruce Wayne straightened his tie. "Think I can leave him for the local police?"

"I'll call, but..."

"Thanks. I'm tight for time." Ignoring the would-be thief, Wayne headed swiftly toward a nearby skyscraper, the bemused Man of Steel floating in his wake. "A theater date in three hours, and I need to get this locked up in time to dress." So saying, he flipped Kal-El a heavy emerald necklace. "Think she'll like it?"

"She? You're in Metropolis for a *date*?"

By this time they had reached the elevator, Superman still following as his friend purposefully entered the code for the penthouse floor.

"The road show of Cats. Selena suggested it." Bruce smiled." Getting together in Gotham can be... complicated."

Sheesh... Catwoman. Some men's taste. But a comment on that would be rude, so he contented himself with "It's a nice necklace. Of course she'll like it." Which still didn't explain why Bruce was unlocking a series of doors as they traveled through a rather spiffy but clearly uninhabited apartment.

"A birthday present. But I need to wrap it."

Wayne Enterprises kept a suite at the Ritz-Metropolis. If Bruce wanted to wrap a present, why not do it there?

Bruce stopped before a blank wall, pushing a concealed button to reveal a well hidden safe. Holding out his hand, he waited until Superman dropped the necklace into it.

Laying the jewels back into their display case, he carefully positioned the open case in the safe. Reaching into another pocket, Bruce produced a lavender envelope and a small gold box of chocolates. These also went into the vault. A quick spin as the now smiling man reset the combination and shut the door. And closed the wall. And set the alarms.

"Perfect. She can wear it tonight."

"OK, Bruce. If it's a gift *for* Selena, why are you locking it up here?"

"But Kal... It's a birthday present. The funs in the unwrapping."

The *when will it ever* End

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