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A Walk in the Park
By Darklady

Bruce Wayne checked his watch as he cleared the restaurant door. Eight fifteen. Close enough for most people, but not for the two ladies waiting at the far table.

"You're late, Dick!" the red-head snapped as his son took a seat beside her.

"Sorry Babs." Dick Grayson gave her his most endearing smile. "Couldn't help it this time. Honest."

Bruce took advantage of the blonds amused distraction to slip into into his chair without comment.

"So what happened" Dinah Lance asked." Get a flat tire?" From her tone, such a story would meet with zero belief.

"Nope". Dick smiled. This was a story too good not to share. "Muggers."

"Muggers?" Two feminine voices rang together. "Did you..? Were they..?"

Dick held up one hand, claiming center stage. "Ladies. While coming from our meeting to this very restaurant... While peacefully strolling through the park outside... My dear old father and myself were nearly the victim of criminal assault."

Bruce sat back, watching the ladies watch Dick. His son was always at his best with an audience, and this was an audience of the best sort.

"Envision... there we were... quietly enjoying the night air, when from behind a clump of trees we were confronted with five armed miscreants! Demanding our wallets!"

"One knife, two sticks." Bruce added sotto voice in the interests of accuracy.

"Five ill intentioned villains against two law abiding citizens. Terrible odds."

"You and Dick?" Dinah responded, "They *were* rather outnumbered."

"We had no choice but to defend ourselves."

"You could call for a cop?" Barbara interjected. "Except that you *are* a cop."

Her comment was deservedly ignored. Dick was on a roll.

"The two largest leaped for me. I grappled, knocking one into a bush and striking the other unconscious."

"What happened to the knife guy?" Dinah asked.

"Round kick," Bruce replied. "He was clumsy."

"Bruce!" The sound of outrage rolled across the table. "Your facts are wrecking my story."

"Sorry. Would you like the villain back?"

"That one you can keep." The implication was clear. That one only.

Bruce sat back in his seat.

Dick took a deep breath. "Where was I?"

"With two more bad guys," Barbara answered laughing.

"So there we were, facing two vicious criminals armed with... did I say sticks?" A nod from Dinah. "OK. Sticks. The one rushed me, swinging with all his might. I ducked, barely avoiding the impact. Moving swiftly, I grabbed his arm and sent him crashing into his black-hearted companion."

"More like stumbled." Bruce whispered, earning a giggle from his blond companion and a look of outrage from his son.

"Ignore him, Dick." Barbara said, looking up at her date. "I'm sure your version was a lot more fun."

"Well, it was fun."

"Actually," Bruce admitted "It was rather enjoyable. But I'm afraid it did delay us a bit."

It's OK. Barbara answered, "I'll forgive you this time. Anything that gets me a story like that."

"So ladies, Alfred is babysitting, we have the evening free. What would you like to do after dinner?"

"I don't know..." Barbara hesitated.

"I do." Dinah smiled at Bruce, "How about a romantic stroll in the park?"

The End

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