This is a little Bruce/Dick story without anyone being in the hospital, dying, or dead. I have to admit, I wrote this in court while I was waiting for the judge to call my cases. Why work when one can write!!!! Thanks to Kat for editing!!! Hope you all enjoy. Standard Disclaimer: They belong to DC:

Present from the Past
by Charlene Edwards

"Master Bruce, there's a package for you Sir."

Bruce raised an eyebrow as he turned toward Alfred who entered the study carrying the medium sized box.

"Who's it from?"

"Harrison Haly, Sir."

"And it's for me, not Dick?" he asked surprised.

"Yes Sir." Alfred stated as he placed the box on Bruce's large mahogany desk.

Bruce opened the package and retrieved the letter that sat atop the contents. He read the letter aloud.

"Dear Mr. Wayne,

When I was going through my storage unit in Springfield, I found this box. I had forgotten that I had stored it for John and Mary. We had a rash of robberies when we were in the area an they were afraid that something would happen to this, so I agreed to keep it for them until we returned the following year. Unfortunately, they never returned. When I first found this, I thought about sending it to Dick, but then I thought you're his father now. You should be the one to have this.

I want to tell you for myself, and for John and Mary, thank you. Thank you for being a father to Dick all these years.

Sincerely, Harrison Haly."

Bruce gently laid the letter on the top of the desk and started removing the carefully packed items from the box. A slight smile crept onto his face as he removed the tiny articles of clothes, including one very small white garment.

"My word, Master Bruce, do you suppose that is Master Dick's Christening gown?"

"I think so Alfred. Look, a photo album."

The two men moved with the book to the large sofa in the middle of the room. As they opened the book, their eyes were greeted with photographs of a baby. A small baby with thick black hair and large blue eyes. A baby they knew was Dick. There were so many photographs. Preserved memories of the Dick that Bruce hadn't know. Dick in the white christening garment; crawling, taking his first steps; a two year old Dick riding the circus elephant Elinore; Dick in his first Flying Grayson's costume.

Alfred looked toward Bruce. He noticed the satisfied expression on the younger man's face.

"What are you feeling young man?"

"I'm not sure Alfred. I just feel right. Like it's official, he's really mine."

"He's been yours for a long time now, Sir."

"I know. But somehow, now, it feels complete. Alfred, could you frame some of these?"

"Yes Sir, I'd be most happy to."

"And could you make wallets?"

"I'll take these to the lab now, Sir." Alfred said as he rose from the sofa, book in hand.

The phone rang in apartment 3A 1013 Parkthorne Ave. in Bludhaven. The young occupant started throwing clothes in a wild effort to find the ringing phone.

"Where did I... there it is... Hello."


"Bruce, hi."

"Can you come to the manor tonight?"

"What's up?"

"For dinner. Alfred and I would like to see you."

"What'd I do?" he asked sheepishly.

"We just want to see you. We're family you know. It seems we only see each other in a crisis. I'd like to change that."

Dick felt a wide grin form on his face as a warm feeling enveloped him.

"Me too. What time?"

"Whenever you can get here. I have something to show you."


"You'll have to wait."

"What? What! Tell me!"


"You're mean."

"I know."

"Good evening, Master Dick." Alfred said as Dick walked through the front door.

"Hi Alfred, how are you?" the younger man said as he pulled the older man into a hug.

"Quite well, young sir. Master Bruce would like to see you in the study."

"I'm not in trouble?" he asked with a grin.

"No sir." Alfred replied with a warm smile.

Dick opened the study door and caught Bruce sitting behind the large mahogany desk deep in thought. He was looking at something intently.

"What'cha doing?" he said as he approached.

Bruce looked up at his son and a smile formed on his face. Dick's eyebrow raised at the unusual sight.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes. Come around here."

As Dick walked around the large mahogany desk, his eyes fell to the many framed photographs: Bruce's parents; Bruce and his parents; Bruce and Alfred at Bruce's graduation; Dick at nine shortly after he came to live here; Bruce and Dick in the park; Bruce, Dick and Alfred at Dick's graduation; and...

"What's that? Who's that?" Dick asked as he saw new photographs on the desk. Photographs he didn't recognize of a baby he didn't know. "Have you been holding back on me old man?" he asked with a wide grin.

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked innocently.

"Who's baby?"

"Oh. I'm afraid you've caught me. I have to confess. Mine."

"WHAT!!!" Dick said startled. That was not the answer he had expected. "When did this happen! How did this? Who?"

"Slow down Dick." Bruce started with a chuckle. "Don't you know who that is?"

Dick just stared at Bruce, confusion apparent on his face.

"That's you."

"Me!?! How did you get these? When did you get these?"

"Today. Mr. Haly sent them to me. Here's his letter." Bruce replied handing Dick the note to read. Bruce watched Dick's reaction as he studied the words on the paper. When Dick looked back at his father, tears glistened in his eyes.

"I didn't know these existed."

"There are a lot more too. Alfred and I have been enjoying ourselves this afternoon. And that's not all." Bruce said as he handed the tiny white garment to Dick.


"Hard to believe you were that small isn't it?" Bruce said as he raised the box onto the desk to show his son the rest of the items.

Dick smiled at his Dad.

"This is why you wanted me to come over today."

"Yes. And what I told you on the phone. It's about time we started acting like a family again. There's something you've got to understand. I may get overprotective with you. I'm allowed. It may irritate you. I think it's supposed to. You're my little boy Dick, no matter how old you are. I'd like us to start making time for each other -- outside of world disasters."

"I'd like that too."

Alfred walked into the room and watched his family for a moment before saying...

"Master Bruce, have you shown Master Dick our find?"

"Yes Alfred."

"Alfred, can you believe I was this little?" Dick said holding up an item of baby clothes

"Most babies are Master Dick. Even Master Bruce. I'll have to show you some of his baby items that I have packed away."

"That's all right Alfred." Bruce said.

"Oh no. I get to see your stuff." Dick replied.

"Dinner is ready, shall we retire to the kitchen?" Alfred asked. Then he added with a smile, "Have you told Master Dick that you e-mailed some of the photographs to Miss Barbara?"

"What! You what! You didn't! BRUCE!" Dick yelled as Alfred and Bruce walked toward the kitchen. He stood there watching them go, then ran up to join them.

"You didn't! You're mean."

"I know."

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