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A Quiet Day
By Arlene

It's good to be the Kid.

Well, 'kay, it's always good to be the Kid, but 'specially good today; I totally soaked Bird Boy's butt in the water, fair and square. He was cool with it, though. Rob's not so bad when he's out of his Suit. Under all that armor and attitude, he's really just... skinny. Heh. Boy needs a tan, too. The "Dark" Knight he's not.

So, anyways, gotta say that boy can think up some fun. Beach day at some deserted Hawaiian island has gotta be the best one yet. And I mean deserted, like no one, nobody, no *thing* to bother us this time. Totally checked it out before settling. No volcanoes, no secret evil-genius-type hide outs, no weird technology, no big destroy-the-world thingamabob here. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing to mess up our quote Big Fun Group Activity unquote.

Geez. Hope I don't get bored.

We got eats, we got sun, we got water, we got each other. It's all good. 'Cept for Bart, 'cuz "I'M GONNA KILL YOU FER KICKIN' SAND IN MY FACE!"


"Kon! Chill out! He didn't mean to--"

"Uh, actually, Rob, I did."


"Awright! Finally some fraggin'!"

"Hey, mon! Watch where you--"

"Eep! 'Nita that was cold!"

"Sorry, Cass."


"Wait'll I get my hands on--"

"Oh fer goodness' sake. And things were going so well... for about five minutes. WOULD YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP?!"

Yowza! The boy's even scary just wearin' shorts. Yeesh.

"If y'all don't settle down, I'm turning the 'Cycle around and we're all going back right now!"


"It's not my fault! He started it!"

"Aw, mon, and it's so nice here..."

"...fraggin' bastich..."

"...a nice, relaxing day, 'sall I'm asking. Is that so hard? well 'course it is, look who I'm with..."

"They're sorry, Rob. They won't do it again, right guys? Bart, apologize to Kon."

"Aw, Cass, do I have tooooo?"

"Yes, Bart, you do."

"See, Imp? You have tooooo! Ow! Dang, Rob!"

"Don't make things worse, Kon. i can't for the life of me understand why people would want children so badly..."


"Say it at normal speed so he can understand it."

"Aww man! Fine. I'm. Sorry. Kon. Yabigwuss. There. Happy now?"

"Better. Now Kon, accept his apology, then shake his hand."

"...then rip his arm outta the socket and beat'im over his friggin' head till--Frag, 'Nita! Ya really need ta hit so hard?"

"Apparently, mon."

"...I could've stayed home and studied, but nooo, I had to get bored an' call up the guys..."

"Kon, c'mon, just forgive him so we can stay. Pleeease?"

She's cute when she begs. "Oh, awright. I accept your apology, Imp." She's even cuter when she hugs me.

"'Sright, ya are a big wuss. OW! Do it again, 'Nita, I'm startin' ta like it!"

"Eew! I am like so outta here."

"Wait up, Anita! I'll come with. Guys are such pigs."

"I'm going that way. I seriously need some away time from this."


"'Mgonna go huntin' an' get me some real food. Somethin' nice n' bloody, still twitchin'..."

Guess I'll just stay here and work on getting' some sun. Aaah. Gotta love is place. Good day to be out. Yep, eats, sun, water, each other.

It's good to be the Kid.


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