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HelLex VI: StarBat: SB-1
by cHarley

Part 2

You know, I never thought I'd hate shopping but house hunting is heartbreaking especially in Bludhaven. Dick and I have decided that I should continue to work in Metropolis and he's applying for a transfer with 'the force' but we aren't sure how that will go. However, I have heard through the grapevine that there has been discussion of a certain BPD straight-laced rookie being noticed by a certain Metropolis straight-laced superhero... Clark as Superman would definitely make the suggestion to have Dick transferred out to Metropolis. Dawn is insistent that she's ok with the move to Metropolis even though it is the city where her mother died. She claims that it's a vague association for her because for her it all began in Sunnydale and that's where the violent memories live for her. She saw mum kidnapped from Sunnydale. She didn't see mum in Metropolis shot at point-blank range by a determined man with a slim grip on what we consider reality.

I miss Giles terribly and I know that Dawn misses Spike... which I find unfathomable. I spoke to Xander yesterday and he said that he'd bring Anya, Giles and Spike to Metropolis later in the month for a visit. Anyway, the house hunting... I don't want to rely on Bruce forever so Dick and I are looking for a place of our own in Bludhaven to serve as our home when I'm not in Metropolis, until we know what's happening with Dick and his job. It's very confusing. I think I've given myself a headache.

Dawn is with Babs today. They're doing something with Black Canary. I think it's the arranging of a contingency plan, so that if Babs is ever swamped with too many superheroes needing help Dawn can help BC get herself out of the pickle she's gotten herself into.

Dick and I follow yet another potential landlord and the estate agent up stairs in a less than stellar apartment building which makes Dick's current building look so much more appealing. We follow the others in and I barely conceal my disappointment. It's two bedrooms alright. Shame about the blown out wall between them. I don't say anything. I just turn on my heel and leave, followed closely by Dick.

This is depressing. I get in the car and wait for Dick to join me. I can faintly hear him through the closed car door and window. "We'll stay where we are thank you... No really. We aren't interested."

"You know what?" I say as Dick sits himself in the drivers seat, "We should break open your trust fund from Bruce and rebuild this entire city. Ready to go to the Clock Tower?"

"I was going to see Alfred and give Clark a call while you visit with Babs. Is that ok?"

"Sure. I wouldn't want to inflict 'girl-time' on you," I grin.

He breathes a sigh of relief and says, "Thanks."

"I'll call you when we're done. Love you," I say as I get out of the car a block from the Clock Tower. Parking in Gotham stinks. I watch as he pulls back into the traffic and drives away before I meander toward Babs' place. The people in Gotham are interesting. They aren't as 'big-city' as Los Angeles but they certainly aren't 'small-town' like I imagine Smallville is. I'll have to ask Clark if we can meet his parents sometime. I hear they're pretty fantastic people.

I ring Bab's doorbell and am greeted by my sisters very close-up face. She moves back from the camera and says, "Oops, sorry Buffy. Come on up."

The doors locks click open and I go inside and upstairs. "Hey!" I say as a greeting.

"Dick decided to visit Alfred?"

I chuckle. "Yeah."

"And you let him?"

"Of course. I'll have plenty of time to inflict female rituals on him once we're married," I grin at Babs. "You must Dinah," I smile, trying not to stare at the tall blond, beyond-model beautiful woman standing in front of me.

"What? You were expecting Lara Croft? She's not real you know," she smiles at me.

"Well... it's just a surprise that's all. You're beautiful."

Dinah blushes as she chuckles self-depreciatingly. "Thanks."

"I'm surprised you ever have to fight."

"I'm not exactly Helen of Troy," she smiles.

"Which is probably a good thing," Dawn says as she sits up. "All patched up. What did you do with the hamster?"

"Hamster? You have a hamster?"

"Long story. Joke gift. Bob's in his cage in the bathroom."

"You put him in the bathroom?" I ask as I glance toward the open doorway.

"You can have him if you want. Have him on loan in Metropolis or something. It would make that penthouse suite more homey."

She's speaking just a little too quickly and she knows I'm beginning to wonder why she wants to get rid of the hamster but Dawn's looking hopefully at me so I shrug. "Ok I guess."

Dawn does a little dance that looks suspiciously like something I once saw Superboy do and grins at me like an idiot. She stops suddenly. "What about Robin?" she asks me seriously.

"The short-panted Boy Wonder?"

"If he has spots and a tail," Babs nods at Dinah.

"Huh?" Dinah asks, looking at me for an explanation.

"Ti... uh, Robin the current Boy Wonder doesn't have a problem with Robin the First the manic Dalmatian." Dinah nods. "I heard somewhere that Disney was peddling lies about the reality of Dalmatians."

Dawn nods very solemnly. "He makes Impulse look thoughtful and grounded in reality."

Dinah blinks in disbelief before she asks, "And you're prepared to allow a hamster into the same house?"

I shrug. "Hamsters have survival instincts."

We pass the afternoon chatting about the disaster that is finding housing, discussing Dawn's concerns about living in a house with newly-weds and the ick-factor that is apparently inherent in that situation. Dinah teased Dawn mercilessly about Tim when he phoned Babs' place to talk to her. I sparred with both Dinah and Babs... I have the bruises to prove that Babs is a force to be reckoned with and should never be allowed anything larger than a chopstick... and worked with Dinah to teach Dawn some more self-defence with Babs on the sidelines to correct us.

Dick brought chocolate as a peace offering when he arrived to pick Dawn and I up.

"Oooooh, Belgian," Dinah crooned.

"From Belgium," Babs pointed out.

"You keep him," Dinah instructed me seriously.

I laughed and promised I would before saying goodbye.

It seems we all slept on the plane. I didn't even know I was getting on a plane. When I woke up Dick smiled and spoke quietly. "Dawn is still asleep. While you were at the Clock Tower, Perry called Alfred and asked for you to come into Metropolis tomorrow. He apologised for it being a day earlier than you'd planned but he wants you to be ready for your start on Monday."

I stretch as best as I can in the seat and manage a nod. In a post-snooze haze I'm led to the car behind Dick who is carrying my sleep-unconscious sister to the car waiting for us. He climbs into the drivers' seat and heads into the city of tomorrow.

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