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HelLex V-Hero
by cHarley

Part 6

Throughout the game the scoring remained even, as were the teams fairly evenly matched. The only thing more common than the scoring and the trash talk was Roy being hit in the head by a well-aimed ball each time he made a comment about someone scoring.

At the end of the hour my team was declared the winner but it was close. Didn't hear the final score after Secret announced we'd won. There was a lot of shouting and even louder gloating and I was completely wasted. That was some work out.

Giles chuckled. "Perhaps Xander was right. That did look rather intense."

"I think I would have preferred five rounds with The Master," I replied wanely. "Tired Buffy." Alfred called Dick into the house and Bruce and Dinah sat on the sun-lounges and chatted. Tim, Garth and Roy joined in the training session with Dawn though I think it's becoming more a game of tag than training.

"Anyone for tennis?" Bart asked, bouncing across the court in a fine impersonation of Daffy Duck though he didn't understand why everyone giggled.

"Hey Jesse? You wanna?" Wally asked his fellow speedster.

"Full speed?" she grinned.

"Not if you want spectators," Donna pointed out as she sat beside Willow. "Where's Kyle?"

"Shhh... he's doing something for Dawn. It's a surprise."

"Oh. Ok."

"He is?" I asked. "What?"

"It's a secret-type surprise."

"So why don't I know?" Secret asked sitting in front of Willow with a smile.

Willow chuckled. "Not that sort of secret."

"Oh. Will she like it?"

"We hope so," Willow replied.

"You aren't gonna tell are you?" I asked.

"Nope," she smiled.

We were quiet for a while as we watched the hi-speed tennis match. "It's like watching a game on fast forward," Giles commented.

We all agreed.

"Hey Lois? How did you and Clark get the day off?" I asked.

"Told Perry we wouldn't be in."

"And you got away with that?"

"She had to tell him we'd have our articles into him via email by six tonight," Clark added.

"Ah. And will you?"

"They're already finished," Lois grinned.

"Isn't that cheating?"

"I like to call it forward thinking."

"Cheating!" Willow and I declared with a giggle.

"Giles I finished that reading about Freja and Od. Should I keep working through that book?"

Giles blinked at me in surprise. "Y-yes. I trust you found it interesting."

"Very. It's interesting how much of Freja the Slayers story is similar to the tales told about Freja the norse goddess. Kinda cool too. Maybe one day I'll be a folkhero," I chuckled.

"You already are, Buffy," Kyle said as he joined the group facing the tennis court and the red blurs that were competing there. "I used to have... issues about being inadequate as you know who," he grinned at Lois who laughed, "But I figure, if you as a young teenage girl can avert a hostile take-over by rabid vampires with only a pointy stick and a lighter, I can accept my, erm, calling as well."

"Good philosophy Kyle, though I never thought I'd ever be considered a role model. Freaky. So what have you been up to for my sister?"

"I had to tell them something," Willow shrugged at him.

"Not that it's a lie. I just finished something I hadn't been able to do the other day."


"It's easier to explain if I show you. Hey DAWN!!" He shouted as he stood up.

"Yeah?" she called back, looking from her gloating stance over Superboy.

"Got something to show you."

Her bounce toward us seemed to be missing a little of its normal jauntiness but we all had a very late night so I'm not surprised. On the way up the stairs we see Robin the First bouncing on the top step, tail wagging frantically in the air, barking loudly at us. I recognise the look in his cute little puppy eyes and as expected, as we get near him he barks and runs away as fast as he can, around the corner then comes back to halfway up the hall were he does it all again. I chase him into Dawns room and stand staring at what Kyle has done.

"I got Bruce's permission. I hope you don't mind Dawn..."Kyle said as he led Dawn into the room.

She stood beside me and stared. "They're lovely Kyle," she smiles as she turns about slowly to look at all of the portraits hanging from the picture rail on her wall that Kyle has done of our groups of friends. There's Dawn, Willow, Xander, Anya, Giles and me. Another has Bruce, Dick, Tim, me and Dawn. There's one of Young Justice with Dawn at the computer. There's a small one on her bedside table of Dawn and Tim and on her dresser is one of our family. When she spys that photo her breath hitches and her eyes get watery. I take her hand and give it a little, supportive squeeze. "It's beautiful Kyle. They all are. Thank you," she smiles and hugs him.

Dick slides into the room. "Look what I found!" he grins, brandishing a video tape. "It's a home movie of... well, Roy was still Speedy," his grin got wider.

We followed him to the living room, Dawn and I lagging to look at the portraits again.

It's finally Tuesday. Dick has returned to work in Bludhaven, our guests all went home and I have an appointment with Oracle... well I'm running late but it's still an appointment. Something to do with new equipment. So here I am at the bottom of the Clocktower waving at Cassandra through the security system as she flicks the switches to let me in. She meets me at the door.

"Hey Buffy," she smiles.

"Hey Cass. How are you so chipper after the party last night?" We had a post-party party for the Gotham/Bludhaven heroes that lasted till about three or four this morning.

She shrugs and smiles. "Conditioning? Babs is in the nest."

"Hey Babs."

"Oh, hey Buffy. I wasn't expecting you to actually arrive today after last night. My rehab therapist called and said she couldn't see me next Tuesday could I come in today and I'm just about to go now. Wanna join me?"

"Ah... sure."

"You can drive right?" She tossed a set of keys to me and led the way to this... vehicle. She manouvered herself, chair and all, by way of a ramp, into the passenger side where there wasn't actually a seat but space for the chair with some sort of wheelclamps on the floor.

"Are you sure? I'm a scary driver..."

"Dick said you were safe..."

I moved around to the drivers side and climbed into the drivers seat. I started the engine and shut my door. "And he knows how?"

"You didn't run him over."

"He told you about that?"

"Only because I asked what prompted the confession to the Titans. He said you'd confronted Bruce about the JLA situation then driven off. he tried to stop you... I asked him how. He told."

It's a bit weird to think that your fiancee's oldest friend is a woman you *know* he was in love with.

"Honestly Babs, were you surprised he had those files?"

"Not at all. I'm surprised any one was. That's the nature of The Bat. We all know he's anally retentive. That's what makes him such a good detective."

I'm silent for a moment, considering this. Babs directs me down a few streets and into the parking lot of a small-ish, clean looking centre. "Has he always been like that?" I ask as I park the van in the appropriate place by the door.

Babs busied herself with getting out of the car. I locked the car and followed her inside to the front counter where she was greeted by name and told to go through.

"Yes, Batman has always been like that," Barbara answered in a low voice as she moved down the corridor. "Over-protective, over-reactive, conceited, self-involved and the best at what he does. Don't get me wrong Buffy. All of the qualities in him we bitch about are what has kept him alive; it's what has kept us all in our individual semblances of lives." She smiled brightly as she pushed through the doors at the end of the corridor, "Good morning Jenny. This is my friend Buffy."

"'Morning Buffy. You must be the same Buffy who makes Barbara's friend Dick so happy. She talks about you a lot."

"Oh. Um... hi," I smile.

"Buffy and Dick just got engaged," Babs grinned at me though she spoke to Jenny. Oh, I meant to say Buffy that I spoke to Kal this morning. Bruce will be returning soon."

"'Bout time," I grumble as Jenny begins working with Babs.

I can hold a grudge, just ask Faith, but I realise that part of my issue with her was my own guilt over my own behaviour. Anyway, the JLA are better at it than I am. I don't understand why Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman didn't expect Bruce to have those files. They've known him forever, they should have some ideas about how he thinks and behaves by now.

So anyway, just in case one of the JLA'ers, disputably humanities greatest heroes, does a Hal Jordan, Batman created files on each of the JLA members, noting strengths and weaknesses and the most effective way to stop them without killing them.

Ok, so I haven't explained Hal Jordan... He was the Green Lantern before Kyle. The Guardians-the Intergalatic Green Lantern version of The Watchers Council but they're blue and short instead of English and tweed-clad, told Hal he couldn't just guard earth in this sector of space, like me and the Sunnydale Hellmouth, and when he was forced to leave earth by them on a mission, his home town was destroyed. It has something to do with that four Supermen thing but I'm still sketchy on those details. So Hal recreates Coast City using the ring and the Guardians told him to stop. He said no, they sent the G.L. Corps after him... He took them all down, even the guardians. There was one little guy with a G.L. ring-the new improved no weakness against yellow variety-and he came to earth and Kyle got the job. Basically Hal went mad, hence B-man's anti-JLA files. Ra's Al Ghul, some immortal guy with plans to restore earth to the garden of Eden at the end of day five... just before humanity was created-supposedly, found the files and used them. Batman worked it out a little too late and at the end of it all was voted out of the JLA, the deciding vote being cast by Superman. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be removed from a club because you have humanities best interests at heart.

Side note: Hal redeemed himself. He helped bring Coast Cities destroyer to justice and sacrificed himself to reignite the sun after it extinguished. Kinda sad he had to die to redeem himself.

Had lunch with Babs after her session where she gave me some new jewellery in the shape of my bat-stake symbol. Earrings and a necklace. She explained that they were a kind of communication device so that I wouldn't have to wear the HUGE watch type thing. I bounced and squealled and thanked her and a couple of hours later, went home. Patrolled with Bruce that night over remarkably quiet streets.

The next day, Willow and I went to Metropolis and took Dawn with us. I could have gone on my own but it's more fun with a friend. We arrived at Bruce's suite to find everything in immaculate condition, with fresh flowers in crystal vases in every room. We dropped our bags in our rooms and made our way into the Daily Planet Offices. It was about two o'clock so everyone would be back from lunch and itching for the day to end.

I smiled and waved at the receptionist and flashed my press pass. I love that little piece of plastic. The things I can get away with...

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