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HelLex V-Hero
by cHarley

Part 3

Dick comes back to me and we go upstairs into the study. It's a good thing to be cautious of visitors especially after the incident with Wolfram and Hart over Faith.

"Good evening Miss Buffy, Master Dick," Alfred greets us. "Everything is ready Sir."

"Ready?" I ask Dick.

"I think we need some time to be Dick and Buffy, just two crazy twenty-somethings in love and I've enlisted Alfred and Bruce's help. Even Tim knows so you have no hope of escape," he grins cheekily.

"Who said anything about escape? I said nothing about escape."

"Close your eyes." I obeyed and was lead into the living room and sat into what felt like a dining chair. "Open."

I did. It seems today is the day for surprises and changes more significant to my life than being told I was the Slayer. I was surrounded by candles and flowers and balloons and wonderful music. I was seated at a small table big enough for two, on which sat a bouquet of gerberas, daisies and sunflowers around a tall, almost transparent candle. Two glasses of something pale and bubbly waited to be drunk, plates waited patiently for food.

"Buffy... I was going to wait and then I didn't want to and I'm not an impulsive person but I'd made the decision and I don't see the point in waiting any longer. You are beautiful and smart, and intelligent and good. You understand and embrace me with all of my quirks and careers... You make me impatient and anxious Buffy Ann Summers. I don't understand those things but I want to, and I want to learn what drives you, I want to be part of what drives you. I want to be part of your everyday forever. I don't ever want to not know you what you're doing or thinking or feeling..." Dick took a deep breath and kneeled down on one knee beside me. Colour me the darkest shade of bewildered. I don't think Dick has *ever* babbled before and it's *so* cute! I don't think I understood everything either. My brains reception is a little fuzzy at the moment. There's so much happening in there. But I turn in my seat to look at Dick while my mind replays what he's just babbled and he searches through his pocket for something.

The last two sentences replay in my mind. Mildly shocked, in a good way, I realise... Is Dick proposing to me?

Dick is reaching out to me, something in his hand. "Buffy... will you marry me?"

I blink at him as he holds out the white jewellry case that holds a diamond heart set in gold, then I blink at him again and the word slips from my lips. "Yes."

His questioning expression slowly shifts to a grin as I say again, "Yes Dick Grayson. Yes I'll marry you."

On the anniversary of the first day we met I agreed to become Mrs. Grayson. Can you see my grin?

Dick grabbed me up out of my seat and danced with me around the room in a bit of a happy jig then put me down and slipped the ring onto my left hand. Then he danced with me a bit more. My face started to ache because of all the grinning and laughing and general happiness.

"ALFRED!!" Dick bellowed.

Alfred appeared, as he does. "Yes Master Dick?"

"She said yes. Buffy said yes."

"I didn't doubt Master Dick," Alfred smiled fondly.

Grinning, Dick contacted Bruce via Oracle and asked him if we could borrow the jet for an impromptu party tomorrow night, to bring my friends out to Gotham, the he did the phone around. Wally was to bring his wife, Cassandra told Babs, Babs told Willow whom Kyle would bring and Lois and Clark promised to fly the Big Blue Express. Even Diana said she'd try to make it. The Titans, especially Roy, cheered "PARTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" when the invite was received, so Oracle told me. Dawn relayed the message to Young Justice and had to shock Lobo to get him to chill.

The next day, Sunday, Alfred helped us arrange the impromptu party and by 6:30 that evening we were ready at Wayne Manor when our friends arrived. Alfred was the only one of our friends who knew why we'd called the party though this wasn't the first time we'd decided on a party at the last minute. It helped keep Bruce's pilots in a job, so no one suspected, except Bruce but he's always suspicious.

Willow decided louder music was needed 'cause whatever was on wasn't echoing enough through the house, and argued with Tim and Dawn about which CD would be the loudest, meanwhile, Wheatus rocked the house and rattled the windows.

At eight p.m., Dick helped me stand on a chair and attract the noisy groups attention. "As you all know, college is over!" I said dramatically.

Willow cheered the loudest.

"And though I don't want to leave Sunnydale or Gotham, I will start my career in newspaper journalism at Metropolis' Daily Planet."

This time Clark and Lois cheered loudest.

"But there's another reason for this party. Richard?" I grinned.

"Buffy had a lapse in judgment last evening and agreed to marry me."

I have never been group hugged by that many people nor deafened by so few.

Using the Oracle Network on the computer in the study, Babs sent out a newsflash to everyone we knew who wasn't at the party. Willow insisted on calling Cordelia in LA. I called dad. Bruce decided that interrupting his dinner meeting was not enough and demanded that he be allowed to speak with Lex to share the good news.

For whatever reason, Lex was not impressed.

"Congratulations Dick. Buffy, welcome to the family," Babs grinned.

"Finally we are evenly matched in the battle of the sexes," Cassandra grinned.

"You forgot Alfred," I pointed out.

"You forgot Willow," she recountered.

"Oh yeah," I grinned.

"Call for the future Mrs. Grayson," Wally called out, holding up the phone.

"Hello?... Angel! Hi... Thank you. I'm sure we will be... Thank you... Goodbye." I sighed as I put down the phone.


"I'm ok Wills. It's just weird that it's so completely over and it's only now I realise that. Not that it bothers me or that I'm regretting anything..."

"I know. I saw Oz a week ago. Kyle and I were shopping-have I mentioned how incredible New York is?-and there he was. It was just weird."

"At least you aren't embarrassed by your list of ex's. Once upon a time, I nearly married Lex," Lois confessed with obvious disgust.

I choked on my mouthful of drink. I think Willow nearly passed out. "You WHAT?" we asked at the same time.

"I know. I know my dad has never forgiven me. And of course he thinks Clark is a huge step down..."

"Happy faces cause Buffy is getting married and groom's not a creature of the night," Willow giggled, raising her glass which we all met with our own.

"Define creature of the night," Bruce said quietly.

We all chuckled, though Lois pretended not to know what he meant and excused herself to talk to Clark and Barbara. Willow and Cass went to Kyle at the food table with Wally.

"It's your turn next Brucie," I grinned.

He chuckled. "Don't you think I'd need a partner for that?

I shrugged. "Just promise me you aren't lonely. You have done so much... You deserve to be happy... Or did I manage to miss something?" I asked as he looked across the room to where Babs was talking to Lois.

"Love you Bruce but please tell me it's Babs cause you with Lois is kinda weird, plus she's already married."

Bruce chuckled and contemplated the bubbles in his drink. "You'll never know."

"You haven't told her? Bruce Wayne!" I lowered my voice to a hiss, "If you don't tell whoever I'll find out. You're set to get a daughter-in-law of sorts and it's my duty as said daughter-in-law of sorts to play match-maker if you don't..." I threatened.


"Don't give me that crap about not wanting to hurt anyone if you don't come back one night. You think I don't know that danger? I don't have your experience and training. You get high-tech gadgets and I get a pointed stick. I know the dangers too, Bruce. You just have to decide if your parents would want you to be alone and if they'd want you to sacrifice your happiness on a memory."

"I've been trying to tell him that for years Miss. Good luck," Alfred said as he walked past us.

"Dick knows the dangers. Tim knows the dangers. Babs and Cassandra know the dangers."


Instinctively I knew what his protest would be. "It wasn't related. She was a victim and it had *nothing* to do with you and everything to do with being in the wrong place at an unfortunate time. I will beat you senseless if I have to to get you to understand that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to have someone. The Wayne name deserves to be carried on."

"It won't work. He never listens," Dick said.

"To another man who has been nagging him since forever I'll bet. Willow, Cassandra and I make a formidable team. Don't make us do this Bruce."

"Do what?" Kyle asked as he and Willow joined Bruce, Dick and I.

"She's threatening to ruin my solitude," Bruce said candidly.

"Are we playing match-maker?" Willow said excitedly.

"Kyle, Dick? Can't you control these two?"

"Are you serious? Willow has been eating high sugar food all day. I have no hope," Kyle grinned, cuddling Willow.

"You know how Buffy gets Bruce."

"It's her resolve face," Willow confirmed.

Bruce sighed. He was familiar with the resolve face, he was just in denial. "Buffy..." he said in a tone he often used when Dick or Tim were about to get a 'talking to'.

"Don't start with me Bruce Thomas Wayne. Been there and he has an english accent which is much more impressive as far as being told off is concerned. I'm not telling you to do it tonight. But we'll start arranging blind dates if we have to. I know several hundred woman who would be interested."

"Golddiggers and bimbos..."

"A few company execs and one bleach-blond sonic superhero... I just want you to be happy and you are so not anywhere near it right now."

"I don't think you have a choice old man," Dick chuckled.

"Me either," Bruce groaned.

"It could be worse. We could have already started something... except neither you nor Babs will be part of it. You're such spoilsports."

"You've already spoken to Barbara?" Bruce asked menacingly.

I'mintrouble. "Uh..." I glanced at Willow who was wearing the same trapped' look. "No?"

"What did you tell her?"

"Exactly what we are telling you. That she deserves to be happy and not stuck up in that tower for the rest of her life."

"Independence does not mean lonliness," Willow said sagely.

"Are you getting this talk too?" Barbara sighed as she wheeled closer.

"Just had it."

Cass grinned at Willow and I. "Are you listening yet?" she asked.

"No!" Barbara and Bruce said at the same time.

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