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HelLex II - Fear of the Fearless
by cHarley

Part 3

"Hello cutie," Spike grinned as Tim walked backwards to the door.

"Good one Boy Wonder," I whispered as I walked past him and took the pillow away from Spike and the lit cigarette dangling from his lips.

"It's only Spike, Tim. He's harmless," Dawn said comfortingly.

"I wish everyone would stop saying that!" Spike said, obviously frustrated by his 'condition'.

"Well it's true?" Dawn said, then poked her tongue out which made Tim laugh. Spike growled at her which only made her giggle.

"What do you want Spike?"

"My bite back."

"Anything that I may actually consider an option?"

"Nah. Just saw these two through the window and thought it would be funny to scare them."

"Ok. Bye now." I pushed him toward the window, locking it once he was outside. Then pulled the curtains closed with a snap as he pulled faces at us.

Mum took Dawn to the store for more munchies then, muttering something about Xander and vacuum cleaners. Tim was so relieved that he hugged me and chanted 'Thank you' for about 5 minutes.

From downstairs Xander was calling out to us that the movie was starting. Tim and I ran down the stairs. He settled in an armchair. I sat on the floor beside Dick. I noticed Kyle and Willow were back inside... and that Willow was looking suspiciously flushed.

Sometime during Scream, Mum and Dawn came home. Mum saw the movie and sent Dawn to bed, though she protested. Loudly. She left the munchies near the TV for us and went to bed.

We watched Scream Two before Xander reminded us he had work the next day and couldn't stay for the third.

"I still say that CC girl looks a lot like you Buff," Xander said, standing to leave referring to the blonde in the second movie who takes a nosedive off a balcony.

"Have you three got enough blankets?" I asked Dick, Tim and Kyle ignoring Xander.

"You aren't going to sleep with him?"

Willow held a hand over her mouth, smothering her laughter.

"Home Anya!" I ordered beneath my flush.

"What? In the thousands of years that I was a demon no man ever crossed a country to see a friend," she said, obviously confused.

"I'll see you tomorrow Buff. Night Will." He pushed Anya out the door. "I've told you that you don't say those things Anya," Xander was saying as they walked down the path.

"Well it's the truth..." I shut the door.

"Sorry about that. Anya hasn't learned tact yet."

Mum came downstairs and asked us to keep the noise down because she had work the next day even though we didn't.

"I can take a hint. It may be the weekend for us but not for everyone. We'd better go to bed and you three are probably really tired..."

"Not really..." Tim shrugged.

"Don't interrupt when I'm trying to talk myself into something," I chuckled.

"Sorry," he smiled.

"Umm... oh yeah. If you get up before us feel free to raid the cupboards for food. Um... try not to make too much noise and if you need us we are upstairs, turn left and we are in the first bedroom on the left... Anything else? Oh and the bathroom is at the top of the stairs. Sorry this isn't hotel material..."

"We'll be fine. We *have* been camping..."

"Yeah with all the necessities Bruce's money can buy..."

"Buffy. Stop. We'll be fine," Dick interrupted.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Go and gossip with Willow," Dick smirked at me. I poked my tongue out and dashed up the stairs.

"Spill!" I ordered Willow as soon as the door shut, and she did. For twenty minutes she told me everything she and Kyle had talked about that day, then she told me what she liked about him finishing with, "...his gorgeous blue eyes..."

"You've got it bad Wills."

"And you don't? So will you be going for a midnight snack? Oomph."

The pillow caught her right in the face. "Seriously Willow. I don't think he wants that... I'm not sure that I do. Don't get me wrong cause I would if he did and there's no Slayer secret between us but let's take a quick look at my history with men... Pre-Sunnydale they were all shallow and about raising my high school popularity. Here in beautiful Sunnydale I fall for a cursed vampire who loses his soul when we..." I tried to think of a description but not the memories.

"Do the horizontal mambo?" Willow offered.

"Yeah. I send him to hell. He comes back and it's all a complicated TV drama. Then there was wound-up soldier boy Riley who couldn't stay with me cause I could kick his ass big time. I don't want heartbreak anymore."

"But passing up on a great guy like Dick just because of your past won't stop the heartache," she pointed out.

"I know. I'd be plagued by what-ifs and maybes. I think that what I need most though Will, is time. Time to get to know him. Time to decide."

"Well you two have known each other for about 5 months now. You seem pretty close and I think he'd like more too but doesn't seem in any sort of rush."

"The best part is that I can trust him. It's nice. I'm just gonna go with it and let whatever happen."

"Good plan," she said, fluffing her pillow.


"So what?" she asked absently.

"Kyle. Details girl. You skipped completely over the time you two were out at the car getting the bags. You were gone for an age and you were very red when you came back."

"He's a very funny man," she blushed redder than I've ever seen.

"Did he kiss you?" Willow went red. "He did!! Go Willow!"

"Shhh... You'll wake your mum and it was just a little kiss..."

"Was it nice?"

"Better than nice..." she got that dreamy far-away look I've felt on my face when my mind wanders to time I've spent with Dick.

I sighed, overly dramatic. "I'm not going to get any sense out of you. I'm going to sleep." Willow giggled and lay down as well.

"Night Buffy. Sweet dreams."

I giggled too. "You too Wills."

We lazed about the house the next day, it was Saturday, and watched all the kids Halloween shows, laughing and occasionally singing along.

The shop was only open the half day today so Giles didn't need either Willow or I. We were free for the day. Xander and Anya joined us at about 4, completing the group.

H20 was on cable later that day so we settled in to watch it. Unfortunately, just at the climax, the program was interrupted. A shadowy, distorted hat covered head took over the screen. I heard Tim gasp and felt Dicks sharp intake of breath. So they knew this guy then.

"Weak minded fools, citizens of Sunnydale. Cower before the god of fear. I am the Scarecrow. Fear Incarnate. Worship me or face your fears. At midnight the canisters of my fear toxin that have been placed around your town will open and begin releasing the gas. Bow or realise your nightmares." H20 continued unnoticed on the screen.

I looked from Willow to Xander. In unison we said, "Giles."

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