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HelLex II - Fear of the Fearless
by cHarley

Part 2

Dick came back then looking a little worn. "Giles, what did you do?" I called out to my Watcher.

"Nothing Buffy," he said, "I just had a few questions for Mr. Grayson."

"I'm sure you did. You be nice to the visitors. If they wanted an intense interrogation they could go to Gotham and talk to Batman," I said, hugging Dick to comfort him, "who's extremely intense."

"You said it," Tim chuckled. "Bruce says hi by the way."

I chuckled wondering how Bruce would like that association. "He does, does he? How are Cassandra and Barbara?"

"Busy. Cassandra's ability to talk is progressing in leaps and bounds. Barbara isn't sure whether to thank you for spending time on the phone and computer with her or not. Cass has picked up a few of your expressions."

"As long as she doesn't pick up my attitude. That's mine," I grinned.

"She has enough of her own," Tim chuckled.

Willow squealed excitedly again and everyone looked at her. She was bouncing on the spot.

"Ah! Geeker joy," Xander said fondly. "Whatever you just said Kyle has given our Wills a happy. Hold onto your soul Willow."

"What?" Kyle asked, completely not understanding.

"My ex boyfriend but one," I said checking it in my head, "Was a cursed vampire. You remember me telling you about Angel don't you Dick? Well anyway if he had a true moment of happiness he lost his soul and trust me it wasn't pretty."

"My fish," Willow said sadly. Kyle patted her comfortingly on the shoulder though he still had only the vaguest understanding.

"Yes, well it's all behind us now," Giles said shortly.

"It sure is. Wills re-cursed the big bad and he left town," Xander said, overly happy.

"Why don't you like him?" I asked. He never did answer me when I asked him.

He shrugged dismissively. "He's too pretty. Want us to restock anything G-man?"

Giles sighed. "It's really not going to do any good to ask you not to call me that is it?"

"You've been asking for 5 years Giles," I reminded him.

"I don't think he's going to start listening now," Willow said.

"He's too old for reform," Dawn added.

"Hey!" Xander said, then ruffled Dawn's hair just to annoy her, making Tim stifle a chuckle.

Giles rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Yes. The newts' eyes need to go on the shelves. The crosses can be put on display. I think we need a couple of jars of lizards gizzards." He pulled a face as he said it, which made Dawn giggle as she tried to undo the mess Xander had created of her hair. "The crows feet are a new item and some of the candles may need restocking as well."

Dick and I restocked the lizard bits, laughing over how gross they were. Willow and Kyle worked on the newts' eyes. Dawn helped Tim, though I'm not so sure he wanted the help, with the candles. Giles played with arranging the crosses and Xander and Anya argued over the crows' feet.

"It's their version of love," I explained to Dick about Xander and Anya.

"I think Dawn has a crush," Willow whispered to us.

"I'm not sure the crush knows what to do," Kyle chuckled as Tim threw a frustrated glare at Dawns head as she chattered away. He saw us watching and threw a 'help me' look our way.

I waved and smiled sweetly. He glared at me. It wasn't a bad imitation of the annoyed Bat but he wasn't as intimidating. Bright sunlight will do that to your image. Ruin it, I mean.

"Good afternoon everyone," Mum said as she came into the magic shop.

"Hey mum. Can you call your youngest daughter off?"


"Hi mum," Dawn said brightly. Tim took the opportunity to escape, hiding behind Dick.

"Hi honey. Time to go home. Will we see you and Willow tonight for dinner Buffy?"

"Um... Well, Tim, Dick and Kyle, have come to visit..."

"They're welcome too sweetie," Mum smiled, looking over the young men.

I looked up at Dick and he smiled. "Um... Ok."

"6 o'clock ok?"

The guys nodded and I smiled at mum. "See you then."

"Bye," she waved, dragging Dawn with her.

I turned to Dick. "Well I hope you didn't have dinner plans."

"No plans but to see you," he said playing with the stray strands of hair that hung over my shoulder.

"A girl could get used to this sort of attention Dick Grayson. Want to see the sights of pokey little Sunnydale? We can stay here if you'd rather..." I said to Tim and Dick.

"I'm up for a walk," Dick said and looked at Tim.

"Me too, though only if you don't mind a third wheel." I gave him an 'of course not' look, which I meant sincerely. I like Tim. He's not annoying.

"I think I'll stay," Kyle said, glancing at Willow who was absently fiddling with a few jars on a shelf.

I grinned at Dick and said, "Ok. We'll be back in time to go to mum's. Behave yourselves," I said to Willow and Kyle. Willow blushed and looked away again, Kyle chuckled.

We walked around the darkening town and I pointed out the sites and told some demon and vampire killing stories and way too soon it was time to be going back to the Magic shop for Willow and Kyle.

I sat in the passenger seat beside Dick who was driving. Willow sat in the back between Kyle and Tim.

"Hey mum! We're here," I called out as we came into the house.

"Just putting dinner on the table," she called back. During the meal mum asked lots of questions about what Dick and Kyle did for work, what Tim was studying at school and where he was attending. She asked what they did in their spare time and generally did the nosey, protective mum thing. It wasn't so bad. Maybe. Though it was very funny watching the men exchange looks as they tried not to lie too much about what they did in the time when they weren't working.

After dinner as we headed to the lounge room mum suggested the guys stay at the house for as long as they were in town.

"Mum... they're three grown men and there's only one spare bedroom here and that's only if Dawn stays with me and Willow in my room but the house is still going to be crowded."

"Why not make it a party and invite Anya and Xander over, and Mr. Giles, if the gentlemen don't mind? Though the only place to offer them would be the lounge room floor."

Tim shrugged, Kyle nodded and Dick spoke. It was like watching the Marx brothers make a decision. "That would be great but only if..."

"Any friends of Buffys are welcome here. Dick could you help me get blankets and pillows from the basement?"

"Sure Mrs. Summers," he smiled, though I saw the 'here we go again' look in his eyes as he squeezed my hand before following my mum.

"Poor Dick," I mumbled.

"He's getting grilled again..." Kyle agreed.

"At least mum can't use the 'you didn't tell me' line again," I sighed and Willow nodded agreement. "I'd better call Anya and Xander, and Giles. Tim could you go up the stairs to the bedroom on the right and grab the pillows off the bed? It's the room with the butterflies on the wall." I speed dialled Xander. "Hey Xandman. What're you doing tonight? ...Having a party. Want to join us? ...Of course you can bring Anya... That's just Anya. We love her anyway... Ok see you soon." I hit speed dial for Giles. "Hey. Want to join us for a vid fest? ...If you were too old we wouldn't be inviting you. You could always keep mum company... Hey that's ok. We'll see you tomorrow... Bye." Dick followed my mum up the stairs carrying a pile of blankets and pillows. "Are you ok?" I asked him.

He winked. "Sure."

"Want a hand?" I offered.

"The pillows?" He suggested and I reached up to take them. "Anya and Xander should be here soon," I said dropping the pillows on Dawn. "Leave the boy alone."

"I didn't do anything and he isn't even in the room," she pouted and ran upstairs shouting for mum.

The doorbell rang and I heard Anya and Xander enter. "We have munchies," Xander announced.

"You guys travel light," Anya said looking around at the lack of luggage.

"Our bags are still in the car..." Dick started to say.

"I'll get them," Kyle volunteered.

"I'll help you," Willow said, jumping up and following him.

Xander and I exchanged a look and a smirk. "The Willsters got a crush!"

"You only just noticed?" Anya asked.

"No Anya... Nevermind. I'm going to get more soda. Anyone else want?"

"Where are Tim and Dawn?" Dick asked, looking around the room.

"I sent Tim upstairs for pillows... Dawn went up there to talk to mum. I'll go and have a look."

"I'll get the sodas," Xander offered.

"Leave one for me hoover boy."

I walked up the stairs and down the hall, hearing giggles and the occasional 'oomph' followed by laughter. I stood in the doorway to my room watching them. Ah, puppy love I thought fondly.

Dawn giggled and raised the pillow again. Tim ducked the attack and raised his own pillow only to have it snatched from his hands.

He turned around with an insult on his lips for whoever had interrupted the fight, only to shout a panicked "BUFFFYYYYYYY!!" instead.

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