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SUMMARY: Buffy/Batman/JLA (Justice League of America) X-Over. Summaries of the groups preceeded part 1 of the story so there's no need to not read it just because you don't know who they are. I have provided! :) Buffy goes to Metropolis for her summer job at the Daily Planet. Nothing works out the way you think when you come from the Hellmouth. Buffy's POV.
SPOILERS: Some Season 4 and 5 BtVS, Season 1 and 2 Angel. (No WW this fic is not for you-sowwy.) DC spoilers are up to Jan2001 comics.
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Part 10
by cHarley

I watched the others around me. J'onn carried Plastic Man; Robin, Green Lantern and The Flash were in some green, see-thourgh, flying contraption. Wonder Woman carried Batgirl, and I could tell Batgirl was less than pleased with the arrangement regardless of the full face cowl she wore. But I was entranced by Batman and Nightwing as they swung through the night air. It was amazing. I can't imagine ever having the courage to do that.

I watched in horror as Nightwing’s wire seemed to snap or slip from it's attachment on a building. He free fell for a few stories before somersaulting in the air and attaching another wire to the building.

Superman touched down on grass and I rushed over to Batman and Nightwing. Ok. So I'm now an official Bat groupie. "You have GOT to teach me how to do that. Not that it would be much use in Sunnydale but it's so very cool!" I gushed. Batman chuckled and walked away to check on Robin. I took the opportunity to use all of my Slayer strength and hit Nightwing’s arm, "You could have warned me though Dick Grayson," I hissed at him.

"What?" he said trying to look annoyed and not amazed that i'd a) hurt him and b) guessed his secret.

"Don't try that. I'm not stupid. When you aren't trying to play up the rich kid attitude you're actually quite graceful. Besides I'm trained to notice subtle changes in people. How else do you think I've survived so long? On my looks? Vampires tend to try to turn the attractive so that wasn't it and I'm ranting aren't I?" Nightwing nodded. "I'll figure out a way to get you back for this oh masked one." I sighed a heavy sound. Too many lives at stake, pardon the pun, and no adequately trained help. Sure they were strong but that doesn't mean anything if they aren't prepared to kill. "Those of you that can fly scour the city for demons. You'll know them when you see them. Bring them back here if you have to and I'll do what I can." I sighed and ran a frustrated hand through my hair. "Batman, what else is in that belt of yours? You're going to need something that will inflict serious damage on these guys and I really need my weapons bag..."

"Where is it? I can be back in a flash," the red spandex'd man grinned.

I had just finished telling him and he was gone. A second later he was back. "Uh... thanks," I smiled, taking the dark duffelbag from him. I unzipped the bag and let it fall open. I think Batman swore when he saw the contents. "The trick, Batman, is to keep breathing. It's not easy unarmed." I loaded the crossbow, turned a little to my left and released the bolt two inches to the right of Batman’s legs. The vampire exploded. "Combat lesson one. Do as I tell you and you'll survive. Your superpowers and experiences won't help you if a vampire gets its fangs into your neck. Combat lesson two. Watch out for each other. The only reason I am here today is because I have friends that watch out for me. Combat lesson three. Use the weaponry the best way you can. That means that if the sword you are carrying can be used better to bludgeon something over the head then do it. Take a stake and something else that's pointy and metal but touch the crossbow and be impaled. Combat lesson four. Aim true, move quickly but carefully. From the feelings I’m getting, this city is nearly overrun with these beasties. You need to get rid of them completely not just injure them. An injure demon is an unhappy demon. A dead demon is no longer a threat. Combat lesson five. Use lethal force. We aren't dealing with humans. These things are much, MUCH worse. They are destructive and deadly. They generally can't be reasoned with and it isn't worth finding out because they’ll kill you just for the prestige of killing a superhero. Anybody have any problems?"

The Green Lantern took a deep breath. "Only with the killing thing."

"I understand that it's hard but this is literally a kill or be killed situation. We are a small group trying to control a possible cast of thousands. It's your choice but it'll seriously tick them off if you just injure them."

"And seriously ticked off is bad," he said, nodding.

"Oh yeah! Enough talk. We need to get this happening. Remember your pairings and try to keep in contact." They paired off and disappeared into the strangely dark day. "Where do you think you are going Batman?" He stopped mid step. "Vampires can be quieter than that. Batgirl, go left and make your way to the centre of the park. Batman, go right. I'll go straight down the middle. If you need help let me know."

I took a few moments to concentrate in the same way I did as part of my meditation as I moved through the trees. I was part of my surroundings, aware of Batman and Batgirl and when they encountered hostile beings. Each time I fought it felt like a dream. I was there but something didn't seem real about it. I believe that the energies infused with me and made me aware of everything around me. I knew when Robin and Green Lantern were returning to the park for my help and I was able to meet them. The wristband called my name and I responded, telling the Bat where I was.

"There were too many Buffy. There wasn't any way to fight them..." Robin said.

"You did good." I raised my banded wrist. "Oracle, are you still talking to Giles?"

"What's wrong Buffy?"

"Need a general anti-demon spell. I have about 20 here, trapped together and there is no way I’m going in there to kill them individually."

"Yes. I have a spell that will send them back to whence they originated."

"What do I need?"

"Just the spell. Repeat after me..."

Again the vagueness overtook me and I’m only barely aware that I cast the spell and the demons vanished. "Is it possible to cast that spell so it will effect the entire city?"

"No. Unfortunately it only works once in any 24 hour period."

"Have you got anything else for me?"

"Not yet. We have a few suspicions."

"Thanks Giles. You're all doing great. I'd be lost without you."

"Whatever we can do Buffy. I just wish it was more."

"This is enough. Gotta get back to it."

"Do you know how it happened?" Green Lantern asked.

"Giles and I agree that some sort of spell has been cast to open a gateway and call them through. He and my friends are still looking into it. It's been building for about 2 days and exploded today.

I felt a headache suddenly start in my mind that made me fall to my knees in agony. The energies seemed to be fighting against something unnaturally seeking entrance to my mind. I seemed to mentally glimpse J'onn and joined my will to the energies, relaxing and soothing them.

'Nightwing is injured,' Superman’s voice reverberated through my mind.

I groaned in pain then thought 'Is it serious?'

'A weapon wound.'

'Bring him here. Belated combat lesson number 6. Don't let your enemy get your weapon and don't injure yourself or a team mate with your weapon.'

I crawled the short distance to my weapons bag, noticing for the first time the unnatural silence surrounding me. No people. No cars. The city knew the danger and was staying in doors.

"Buffy? Are you alright?" Batman asked.

"What was that?" I asked, pulling my oversized first aid kit out of my weapons bag.

"J'onn is a telepath. It's how we communicate."

"Could 'we' have warned me?" I asked, clutching my aching head. "I'm in tune with energies you don't know exist and they didn't like that at all. I'll be fine... after a bottle of Ibuprofen and a months worth of sleep..." I muttered.

Superman landed by the bag and put Nightwing on the ground. Superman looked at me with worried eyes. "Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine. What happened?"

"A vampire looter. He'd been into a weapons shop and armed himself. He seemed bewildered but attacked me anyway. Nightwing was wrestling his companion and out of the dark an orange, slime covered demon with large antlers attacked him with a large knife."

"A Slime Demon. You're lucky the slime didn't get into the wound. Did you kill the demons or leave them?"

"Superman beheaded them with his heatvision," Nightwing said, pulling away with a sharp intake of breath when I gently prodded the wound making sure it was clean of any objects.

I pulled at the fabric to get a better view of the gently bleeding wound just below his shoulder. I opened the first aid kit and took out the peroxide, a bottle of holy water and a large adhesive bandage. I opened both the holy water and the peroxide, pouring a little of each onto separate cotton swabs. "Superman, Green Lantern. Are you ok to go back out there?"

"Uh, sure," Green Lantern said and away they went.

"I'll be fine," Nightwing said trying to look over his shoulder at the wound.

"No you won't. This isn't quite deep enough for stitches but it'll tear wider if you try using your arm again." I spoke quietly into his ear. "You've been watching me since I got here. I think I deserve an explanation of your night-time peeping-tom activities," I said, swiping at the wound with the peroxide. He howled in surprise and pain. Giles doesn't warn me either so I know exactly how he feels.

"Don't ever study medicine Buffy. You have a dreadful bedside manner," Nightwing panted around the pain as I cleaned the peroxide away with the holy water then applied the bandage.

"I could have poured more on," I pointed out. "Now Nightwing is coming back to my apartment to rest because it's closest. Dad won't be there so you'll be safe. He's gone back to L.A. for a few weeks but you already know that don't you Bruce?" I said to Batman.

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